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5 Letters Answer for What a file marked "Top Secret" may contain NYT Mini Crossword Clue

The solution to the "What a file marked "Top Secret" may contain" crossword clue, which is part of the NYT Mini Daily Crossword for May 14, 2024, is "INTEL."

by Abisha

Updated May 14, 2024


5 Letters Answer for What a file marked

The Mini Crossword puzzle is accessible online through The New York Times website or app, and it has gained a dedicated following among crossword enthusiasts of all skill levels. It's a great option for those looking for a quick brain teaser or a daily dose of puzzle-solving fun.

The clue for today as of May 14, 2024 is What a file marked Top Secret may contain


  • Highly classified information
  • Sensitive government data
  • Confidential documents
  • Classified intelligence
  • Restricted access material
  • Privileged information
  • State secrets
  • Sensitive military plans


The Exact answer is INTEL.

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Answer Explanation

The answer for the clue What a file marked Top Secret may contain is "INTEL". The answer "INTEL" for the clue "What a file marked 'Top Secret' may contain" refers to intelligence, typically used as an abbreviation for intelligence information. When a file is labeled as "Top Secret," it suggests that it contains highly classified or sensitive information, often related to national security, military operations, espionage, or other confidential matters.

Intelligence information, or "intel," can encompass a wide range of data, including surveillance reports, analysis of foreign activities, strategic assessments, intercepted communications, and more. Such information is typically handled with the utmost secrecy and restricted to authorized personnel due to its potential impact on security and diplomatic relations.

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