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  3. 5 Letters Belonging to him Crossword Clue Answer for Metro Quick May 31, 2024

5 Letters Belonging to him Crossword Clue Answer for Metro Quick May 31, 2024

Here we have updated the answer for the Metro Quick Crossword Clue, Belonging to him, and also check the hints and meaning below.

by Thamizhalagi

Updated May 31, 2024


5 Letters Belonging to him Crossword Clue Answer for Metro Quick May 31, 2024

Belonging to him Crossword Clue Explanation

Clue Explanation: "Belonging to him" means suggests possession or ownership, so we're likely seeking a possessive pronoun. "His" fits this description perfectly, indicating something that belongs to a male individual. In crossword puzzles, it's common to look for short, commonly used words that fit the clue. "His" is one such word, often seen in phrases like "his book," "his car," or "his hat." Its succinctness makes it a popular choice for constructors, offering flexibility in puzzle design while remaining easily recognizable to solvers. In the grid, "his" may appear as part of a longer phrase, requiring solvers to carefully consider the surrounding clues for context. Overall, "his" is a fundamental component of English possessive language and frequently encountered in crossword puzzles for its simplicity and versatility.

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  • Possessive pronoun.
  • Refers to a male individual.
  • Often paired with nouns like "book," "car," or "hat."
  • Short and commonly used.
  • Essential in expressing ownership.
  • Found frequently in English language.
  • Offers flexibility in puzzle design.
  • Easily recognizable to solvers.

Possible Answers

  • HIS
  • HER
  • ITS
  • OUR
  • YOUR


The answer to the Belonging to him Metro Quick is HIS.


The answer to the crossword clue Belonging to him is "HIS. "Belonging to him" could be interpreted as a possessive pronoun indicating something that is owned or associated with a male individual. The answer to this crossword clue is likely to be a word that signifies possession or ownership by a male subject. Considering the context of the puzzle, it could be a simple word like "his," which directly denotes possession by a male. This solution fits the criteria of the clue and aligns with common usage of possessive pronouns in the English language. So, "HIS" is the answer that matches the given clue, indicating ownership or association with a male entity.

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