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Are Kyra And Will From Love Island Together 2024?

No, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada from Love Island USA are not together in 2024. They announced their final breakup in May 2024 after reconciling briefly following their initial split three months after their season ended.

by Jayasree

Updated Jul 11, 2024


Are Kyra And Will From Love Island Together 2024?

Are Kyra And Will From Love Island Together 2024?

As of 2024, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada from Love Island USA are no longer together. They initially broke up three months after their season ended but reconciled by July 2022. They even had a joint Instagram account together, but they stopped posting together in April 2024.

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Will announced their final breakup in May 2024 through Instagram Stories, explaining that they had decided to take different paths in life. He asked for respect and support from their followers during this challenging time. Despite their efforts to maintain their relationship, they eventually decided to go their separate ways.

Who are Kyra and Will?

Kyra Lizama:

Kyra Lizama gained fame as a contestant on Love Island USA. She was known for her participation in the reality TV show, where contestants look for romantic connections while isolated on an island. Her journey on the show involved forming relationships and navigating challenges presented by the competition.

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Will Moncada:

Will Moncada also appeared on Love Island USA as a contestant. He participated in the reality TV series, where contestants aim to find love amidst the challenges of island life. Will engaged in romantic interactions and challenges during his time on the show, which contributed to his popularity among viewers.



Love Island Season 3

Love Island Season 3 is a reality TV show where single people, known as contestants or islanders, live together in a villa. The main goal is to form romantic connections and find love. Each week, the islanders participate in challenges and couplings. During couplings, they choose who they want to be romantically involved with. If they're not chosen, they risk being eliminated from the show ("dumped").

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Viewers often influence the show by voting for their favorite couples or islanders. The season progresses with new islanders joining and others leaving until the finale, where the final couples compete to win a cash prize and the title of Love Island winner. The show is known for its drama, friendships, and romantic twists, making it popular among fans of reality television.




Entry Day

Exit Day

Trina Njoroge 25 Day 1 Day 40
Korey Gandy 28 Day 1 Day 40
Will Moncada 26 Day 1 Day 40
Bailey Marshall 24 Day 1 Day 40
Jeremy Hershberg 27 Day 1 Day 40
Alana Paolucci 24 Day 1 Day 40
Charlie Lynch 27 Day 1 Day 40
Olivia Kaiser 29 Day 1 Day 40
Kyra Lizama 25 Day 1 Day 40
Cashay Proudfoot 25 Day 1 Day 32
Shannon St. Clair 25 Day 1 Day 31
Genevieve Shawcross 26 Day 8 Day 25
Cinco Holland Jr. 24 Day 1 Day 25
Leslie Golden 25 Day 1 Day 24
Josh Goldstein 27 Day 1 Day 22
Shannon Duffy 28 Day 1 Day 22
Andrew Mercado 23 Day 1 Day 22
Gabe Sadowsky 26 Day 1 Day 22
Kamari Waples 25 Day 1 Day 22
Raul Frias 24 Day 19 Day 22
Javonny Vega 26 Day 1 Day 17
Wes Ogsbury 24 Day 12 Day 17
Aimee Flores 26 Day 3 Day 17
Florita Diaz 27 Day 8 Day 17
Isaiah Harmison 25 Day 6 Day 15
Slade Parker 27 Day 12 Day 14
Lei-Yen Rapp 28 Day 8 Day 11
Roxy Ahmad 24 Day 8 Day 11
Christian Longnecker 24 Day 1 Day 5

Love Island Season 3 Episodes

Here are the simplified version of Love Island Season 3 episodes:

  • Episode 1: Islanders couple up for the first time, forming initial connections.
  • Episode 2: Challenges and dates test compatibility, leading to some re-couplings.
  • Episode 3: New Islanders arrive, causing tensions and sparking new romances.
  • Episode 4: Villa drama unfolds with secrets revealed during a revealing game.
  • Episode 5: Islander connections deepen, leading to strategic alliances and romances.
  • Episode 6: Challenges and twists disrupt the villa, sparking jealousy among couples.
  • Episode 7: A recoupling ceremony shakes up dynamics with unexpected pairings.
  • Episode 8: New arrivals stir competition among Islanders vying for attention.
  • Episode 9: Tensions rise with emotional confrontations and difficult decisions.
  • Episode 10: Islanders face challenges testing their bonds, prompting risky decisions.
  • Episode 11: Villa drama escalates as jealousy and strategic gameplay unfold.
  • Episode 12: Twists challenge relationships, forcing Islanders to reconsider alliances.
  • Episode 13: Drama intensifies with confrontations and surprising revelations.
  • Episode 14: Recoupling ceremony brings new pairings and tests old connections.
  • Episode 15: Final week brings emotional highs and reflections on their journeys.
  • Episode 16: Season finale where couples declare their feelings and compete to win.

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