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Check Today’s Answer for Newsday Crossword Clue from 14 June 2024

Are you Searching for today's Newsday Crossword answers? Here We've listed all the Newsday crossword clues for 14 June 2024, it will help you to solve Clue.

by Thamizhalagi

Updated Jun 14, 2024


Check Today’s Answer for Newsday Crossword Clue from 14 June 2024

Newsday Crossword Clue Answers Today 14 June 2024

Partial quality BIAS 4
Particular, informally SPEC 4
Spring reversal THAW 4
Culmination ACME 4
Major thing in the sky URSA 4
Diamond gem HOMER 5
Military training objective READINESS 9
Suggest orally OPINE 5
Three-time director of Brando KAZAN 5
Legal rights-of-way EASEMENTS 9
Neural transmitters AXONS 5
Pair DYAD 4
Household accumulation DUST 4
Fight-ending word TEN 3
Mid-2nd-century date CLI 3
Spoken predecessor of 26-Across TWO 3
“Help us” trio SOS 3
Court instrument WRIT 4
Juicy hybrid TANGELO 7
With 38-Across, what the start of the four longest Across answers all are WITHIN 6
See 35-Across REASON 6
Dresses grandly ENROBES
Solemn affirmations IDOS 7
Southern states’ power source TVA 3
Command from Grandma EAT 3
Hubbub DIN 3
Litter critter CUB 3
Gooey chocolate, in recipes LAVA 4
Nine-Oscar musical of the ’50s GIGI 4
Certain sultan subject OMANI 5
Perfectly, per prescription ASORDERED 9
Wok dinner request NOMSG 5
Tot’s cool dessert flavor NILLA 5
Shakespeare or Wordsworth SONNETEER 9
Heaps affection DOTES 5
Ramen cousin UDON 4
Kite catcher, perhaps TREE 4
“The Cow” milk/ilk rhymer NASH 4
Guy often cited with “sake” PETE 4
Brownish yellow SAND 4
Speak to brusquely BARKAT 6
Mountaineer’s implement ICEAXE 6
Formidable female AMAZON 6
Taxi, typically SEDAN 5
Daily riser SUN 3
Polish early PREEDIT 7
Literary tract ESSAY 5
Degas’ American colleague CASSATT 7
McAn of moccasins THOM 4
Had faith HOPED 5
They’re close to perfect AMINUSES 8
Broke from a band WENTSOLO 8
Uses for a nap RESTSON 7
Dedicate at a book signing INSCRIBE 8
Braveheart king EDWARDI 7
Ancestry LINEAGE 7
Close encounter ONEONONE 8
“Should we know that person?” WHO 3
Purchase for a road trip GAS 3
Heron habitat WETLAND 7
Entrance for usurpation INVASION 7
Hairspray remake star TRAVOLTA 8
Instigates STIRSUP 7
Strong denial IDIDNOT 7
Mechanical eye CAMERA 6
Tucked away UNSEEN 6
Cornell team BIGRED 6
Where Starry Night was painted ARLES 5
Crystalline rock GEODE 5
Major apple processor MOTTS 5
Bit of basil DASH 4
GPS reading NNE 3
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