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Codycross Crossword Puzzle Answers Today Updates for June 14, 2024

you're looking for answers to the Codycross Daily Crossword Puzzle Clue for June 14, 2024, we've provided them below.

by Sangeetha

Updated Jun 14, 2024


Codycross Crossword Puzzle Answers Today Updates for June 14, 2024

Codycross Crossword June 14, 2024 Answers

Here We are Providing Codycross Crossword answers and solutions for June 14, 2024. Whether you're stuck on a challenging Crossword clue Codycross, our comprehensive guide will assist you in solving today's Codycross Crossword Clue efficiently.

  • Gaming abbreviation for first-person shooter Crossword Clue - FPS
  • Brazilian state with capital Salvador Crossword Clue - BAHIA
  • Nice little __; a particularly lucrative project Crossword Clue - EARNER
  • Someone exploited as part of a crime Crossword Clue - STOOGE
  • Overarching idea throughout a book or movie Crossword Clue - THEME
  • Danish islands to the north west of Scotland Crossword Clue - FAROE
  • __ Penh, Cambodian capital city Crossword Clue - PHNOM
  • Military tactic of surrounding to force surrender Crossword Clue - SIEGE
  • A container of water people wash themselves in Crossword Clue - BATH
  • Plural form of is Crossword Clue - ARE
  • Eastern Standard Time, abbreviated Crossword Clue - EST
  • Plane landing times Crossword Clue - ETAS
  • Short for exclusive Crossword Clue - EXCL
  • First woman in space: __ Tereshkova Crossword Clue - VALENTINA
  • Cuddling someone Crossword Clue - EMBRACING
  • Having lots of green tree or plant parts Crossword Clue - LEAFY
  • Species of marten valued for its dark fur Crossword Clue - SABLE
  • Tree climber that’s really a marsupial Crossword Clue - KOALABEAR
  • A millionaire Crossword Clue - MONEYBAGS
  • Word that goes with Kong to make a place in Asia Crossword Clue - HONG
  • Red iron oxide Crossword Clue - RUST
  • Profoundly wicked stunt performer, __ Knievel Crossword Clue - EVEL
  • Domesticated animal, not wild Crossword Clue - TAME
  • Honest Company’s actress founder Jessica __ Crossword Clue - ALBA
  • Peasant who worked their Lord’s land Crossword Clue - SERF
  • And so on Crossword Clue - ETC
  • Roman numerals for 12 Crossword Clue - XII
  • US cable TV network, covers news 24 hours a day Crossword Clue - CNN
  • To fall behind, usually slow computers or games Crossword Clue - LAG
  • To oppose or deny (it rhymes) Crossword Clue - NAYSAY
  • Very short word for abbreviation Crossword Clue - ABBR
  • A boyfriend or male admirer (from French) Crossword Clue - BEAU
  • Falls behind, straggles Crossword Clue - LAGS
  • Archaic adverb for long ago or formerly; __while Crossword Clue - ERST
  • Equivalent to 1,000m per hour Crossword Clue - KMH
  • Initialism for out of office Crossword Clue - OOO
  • Patchett, Coulter, Taylor Crossword Clue - ANN
  • Lower limb Crossword Clue - LEG
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