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Evil Season 4 Episode 7 Ending Explained, Recap, and More

Evil Season 4 Episode 7 explores supernatural dangers as Sister Andrea faces a malevolent spirit in Kristen's basement, leading Ben to seal it off. Meanwhile, Lexis discovers ominous signs around their house.

by Maivizhi

Updated Jul 09, 2024


Evil Season 4 Episode 7 Ending Explained, Recap, and More

Evil Season 4 Episode 7 Ending Explained

At the end of the episode, Sister Andrea tries to get rid of a bad spirit in Kristen's basement, but it fights back and burns her arm. Ben steps in and seals the spirit inside a hole in the basement using bricks and mortar.

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Meanwhile, Kristen's daughter Lexis discovers many evil spirits around their house using an app. This suggests there might be a doorway to Hell nearby, possibly connected to the mysterious hole in their basement.

Ben also deals with personal issues, like strange phone calls and disturbing visions, which draw him deeper into the supernatural mysteries.

Overall, Episode 7 adds more mysteries and dangers to the story, exploring supernatural events in a suspenseful way.

Evil Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

In Evil Season 4, Episode 7, titled "How to Bandage a Wound," the episode delves into several intense plot developments. It begins with Sister Andrea uncovering a sinister presence in Kristen's basement, prompting swift action to seal it off.

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Meanwhile, family tensions escalate as Kristen navigates revelations about her daughters, including deceit and hidden activities. Simultaneously, Ben and David encounter a troubled train engineer haunted by spectral apparitions, adding to the supernatural intrigue.

As the episode unfolds, characters confront personal demons and unearth unsettling truths, culminating in chilling confrontations and eerie revelations throughout.

Evil Wiki

"Evil" is a TV show about supernatural mysteries. It started on CBS in September 2019 and later moved to Paramount+. The series follows three people hired by the Catholic Church to investigate strange events.

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The show stars Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, and Aasif Mandvi. It's made by CBS Studios and King Size Productions and was filmed in Astoria and Brooklyn, NY. Season two came out in June 2021, and season three in June 2022. Season four is set to start in May 2024, followed by a short fifth season.

Critics like the show for its acting, characters, story, and how it looks on screen. The main characters are Dr. Kristen Bouchard (played by Katja Herbers), a skeptic psychologist; David Acosta (played by Mike Colter), a Catholic seminarian; and Ben Shakir (played by Aasif Mandvi), a tech expert. They deal with supernatural cases that start affecting their personal lives, especially from people like Dr. Leland Townsend (played by Michael Emerson), a rival psychologist who's obsessed with Kristen and her family.

Evil Cast



Katja Herbers Dr. Kristen Bouchard
Mike Colter David Acosta
Aasif Mandvi Ben Shakir
Kurt Fuller Dr. Kurt Boggs
Marti Matulis Various Creatures
Brooklyn Shuck Lynn Bouchard
Skylar Gray Lila Bouchard
Maddy Crocco Lexis Bouchard
Dalya Knapp Laura Bouchard
Christine Lahti Sheryl Luria
Michael Emerson Dr. Leland Townsend
Ashley Edner Abbey
Ciara Renée Abbey
Andrea Martin Sister Andrea

Where to Watch Evil?

You can watch 'Evil' season 4, the final season of the show, exclusively on Paramount+ starting from May 23. Meanwhile, all 10 episodes of 'Evil' season 3 are currently available on the Paramount+ YouTube channel. Additionally, all three seasons of 'Evil' can be streamed on Netflix.

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