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How to Defeat the Devourer Boss in First Descendant? Which Characters are Recommended for Fighting the Devourer?

To defeat the Devourer Boss in "The First Descendant," equip toxin resistance and electric damage mods. Focus on attacking its weak spots while staying mobile to dodge its strong attacks.

by Tamilarasi

Updated Jul 09, 2024


How to Defeat the Devourer Boss in First Descendant? Which Characters are Recommended for Fighting the Devourer?

How to Defeat the Devourer Boss in First Descendant?

Here are the steps to defeat the Devourer Boss in "The First Descendant"

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Preparing for the Battle

  1. Equip Toxin Resistance Modules:
    • Find and upgrade the Toxic Antibody module to reduce poison damage.
    • This module is important because the Devourer uses poison attacks.
  2. Use Electric Damage Mods:
    • The Devourer is weak to electric damage, so equip your weapons with Electric Priority modules to deal more damage.
  3. Choose the Right Character:
    • Pick characters like Kyle or Bunny for their strong electric attacks.
    • Yujin is also a good choice for healing support.
    • Make sure your character (Descendant) is level 40 or higher.

Strategy During the Battle

  1. Keep Your Distance:
    • Stay away from the boss to avoid its powerful close-range attacks.
    • Keep moving and dodging to avoid long-range poison attacks.
  2. Target Weak Spots:
    • Use your scanner to find the boss’s weak spots and focus your attacks there.
    • When a teammate breaks a yellow part, the boss will be stunned. Use this time to attack its exposed core.
  3. Avoid Poison Puddles:
    • Don’t step in the poison puddles on the ground to avoid taking extra damage.

Optimal Loadout

  1. Split into Teams:
    • When the symbiont phase starts, split into teams of two.
    • Each team should focus on destroying one symbiont quickly.
  2. Dodge Toxic Meteors:
    • Watch out for green circles on the ground and dodge them to avoid damage.
  3. Destroy Green Containers:
    • The boss will spawn green containers that heal it. Destroy these containers as fast as you can.

Actions After the Symbiont Phase

  1. Prevent Shield Regeneration:
    • If the boss regains its health, focus on preventing it from regenerating its shield by targeting weak spots.
  2. Continue Attacking:
    • Keep attacking the boss until its health bar reaches zero.
    • Prioritize hitting the core, eyes, back, and gun when the boss is knocked down.

General Advice

  1. Stay Mobile:
    • Keep moving throughout the fight to avoid the Devourer’s attacks and poison puddles.
  2. Use Bunny’s Fourth Ability:
    • Bunny’s fourth ability can cause a lot of damage during the core exposure phase.
  3. Coordinate with Your Team:
    • Work with your teammates to take down symbionts efficiently and share healing resources.
  4. Be Persistent:
    • Surviving the symbiont phase without letting the boss regain shields is key to winning the fight.

Dealing with Ammo Issues

  1. Kill Minions for Ammo:
    • The boss takes a lot of bullets, so kill the minions it spawns to get ammo drops.
    • This will help you avoid running out of ammo during the fight.

Solo vs. Group Runs

  1. Solo Runs Can Be Easier:
    • Solo runs can be more manageable because the boss is tougher with more players.
    • If you do join a group, make sure to coordinate well with your teammates.

By following these strategies and tips, you can defeat the Devourer boss in The First Descendant, whether you’re playing solo or with a team. Keep focusing on its weak points, avoid its poison attacks, and stay persistent until you bring it down.

Which Characters are Recommended for Fighting the Devourer?

  1. Bunny:

    • Bunny's electric DPS abilities are highly effective against the Devourer, as it is weak to electric damage.
    • Bunny's fourth ability provides massive burst damage during core exposure phases.
  2. Kyle:

    • Kyle is another good option because of his electric damage abilities.
    • He can deal significant damage while avoiding the boss's attacks.
  3. Multiple Bunnies:

    • Using multiple Bunnies in a team can amplify the electric damage dealt to the boss.
    • This strategy can help you exploit the boss's weakness to electric attacks more efficiently.
  4. Yujin:

    • Including Yujin in your team provides healing support.
    • Yujin can help keep your team alive during the fight, especially during the symbiont phase and intense attacks.
  5. Ajax:

    • Ajax is a tank character who can take a lot of damage.
    • While not as agile as Bunny, Ajax can withstand the boss's attacks and focus on destroying the boss's parts.

By following these strategies and selecting the right characters, you can effectively defeat the Devourer boss in The First Descendant.

Devourer Boss in First Descendant

The Devourer is a tough boss in The First Descendant, known for being a huge challenge due to its high health and tricky mechanics. To defeat it, you need to prepare well. Equip your character with toxin resistance to handle its poison attacks and use electric damage mods on your weapons since the Devourer is weak to electric attacks.

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During the fight, keep your distance, constantly move to dodge its attacks, and focus on its weak spots to deal maximum damage. In the symbiont phase, split into teams to destroy the healing containers quickly. If the boss regains health, don’t panic; keep attacking its weak points. Always kill the minions for extra ammo. Solo runs can sometimes be easier, but with good coordination, a team can take it down effectively. Stay persistent, and you’ll eventually defeat the Devourer.

The First Descendant

"The First Descendant" is a fun cooperative shooter game set on the Ingris continent. Players become powerful Descendants, working together to protect humanity from invaders. Up to four players can join forces, using unique abilities and customizable gear, including different guns and accessories.

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The game features exciting boss battles, like the challenging Devourer, which requires strategy and teamwork to defeat. With amazing graphics and a mix of real-world and sci-fi fantasy, "The First Descendant" offers an engaging and action-packed adventure where players uncover mysteries and defend the world.

The First Descendant Gameplay

"The First Descendant" offers exciting gameplay where you take on the role of Descendants, heroes fighting to protect humanity on the Ingris continent from invaders. It's a cooperative action RPG shooter, allowing you to team up with three friends to complete missions together. You can select from different characters, each with unique abilities and customizable appearances.

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The game features thrilling battles with various guns and special abilities like Grappling Hooks, adding excitement to combat. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts stunning graphics that enhance the immersive experience. As you progress, you can upgrade your characters with new weapons, accessories, and gear, empowering them to face tougher challenges.

Beyond combat, "The First Descendant" incorporates exploration and discovery, weaving a storyline rich in sci-fi and fantasy elements. Emphasizing teamwork and strategy, the game encourages players to collaborate effectively to overcome enemies and uncover the mysteries of its futuristic world.

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