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How to Get and Use Limestone in Hades 2?

Unlock the secrets of limestone in Hades 2, a roguelike game, and learn how to obtain and use it to boost your character's abilities and progress through the underworld.

by S Bargavi

Updated May 14, 2024


How to Get and Use Limestone in Hades 2?

How to Get Limestone in Hades 2?

To get Lime in Hades 2, you can only do it by mining. When you start, you'll find Silver rocks in the first area. But when you move to the second area, you'll find Limestone rocks instead. Make sure you bring the special pickaxe called Crescent Pick to collect Limestone.

You can't get Limestone with any other tool. Limestone only shows up in the second area, and after you beat the boss there, you won't find it anymore. If you can beat the first boss and get to the second area with the Crescent Pick, you can collect all the Limestone you find.

How to Use Limestone in Hades 2?

Once you have collected enough Limestone, you can use them to make special powers called Incantations. These Incantations will help you during your journey. Here are the Recipes for Incantations

• Gathering of Ancient Bones: Use 2 Limestones

• Briny Lifespring: Use 3 Limestones and 3 Lotus

• Propensity Toward Gold: Use 1 Limestone and 1 Fate Fabric

• Unearthed Troves: Use 5 Limestones and 1 Nightshade

Make sure to craft as many Incantations as you can, especially if you're having trouble getting past the second area.

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Why is Limestone used in Hades 2?

Limestone is Important because Limestone is a special material in Hades 2 that can be used for two things: making special powers called Incantations and upgrading your weapon. It's also helpful for getting another useful resource.

Use Limestone Wisely, you can use Limestone to make an early Incantation that helps you get Bones, which are important for your progress. Later, you can use Limestone to make your weapon, Argent Skull, even stronger.

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Hades II is a new game that is still growing. It's a type of game where you play as a character and make choices that affect the story. You play as Melinoë, the princess of the Underworld, who wants to defeat the god of time. The game was announced in December 2022 and is now available to play in May 2024.

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