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LBJ Biographer Robert Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answer for May 14, 2024

Enjoy the excitement of solving the Eugene Sheffer Crossword puzzle, where words become your crowning achievement.

by Indumathy

Updated May 14, 2024


LBJ Biographer Robert Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answer for May 14, 2024

Crossword puzzles are word games typically found in newspapers, magazines, and online platforms. They consist of a grid of white and black squares, with each white square containing a letter that forms part of a word or phrase. Clues are provided to help solvers determine the words or phrases that fit into the grid horizontally and vertically. Clues may be straightforward definitions, wordplay, trivia, or cultural references, offering a diverse range of challenges for solvers. Crossword puzzles are popular for their ability to entertain and stimulate the mind, testing vocabulary, knowledge, and problem-solving skills. They appeal to people of all ages and are enjoyed as a leisure activity or as a competitive pursuit.


  1. Pulitzer Prize-winning author
  2. Specializes in biographies
  3. Known for in-depth research
  4. Notable for his work on American historical figures
  5. Authored a comprehensive biography of Lyndon B. Johnson
  6. Has written extensively about American politics
  7. Often praised for his detailed narrative style
  8. His works provide insights into the lives of influential figures


The answer is CARO.

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Answer Explanation

In crossword puzzles, "LBJ biographer Robert" serves as a clue directing solvers to identify the name of a person known for writing biographies about Lyndon B. Johnson, and the answer is "CARO." The clue implies a need to find the surname of an author renowned for his works on Lyndon B. Johnson. "Caro" fits seamlessly within this context, representing Robert A. Caro, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author celebrated for his comprehensive biographies of the former U.S. President. Crossword clues often rely on providing hints related to specific individuals or their professions to guide solvers toward the correct answer, showcasing the puzzle's reliance on cultural and historical knowledge.

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