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NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 08 2024​

Solve the latest NYT Connections game with hints from this article, and find the answers here. Get hints and solutions to master today's puzzle.

by Niranjani

Updated Jul 08, 2024


NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 08 2024​

NYT’s Connections Hints for Today July 08 2024

Here are hints for today's NYT Connections game puzzle July 8, 2024. These hints will help you solve today's puzzle.

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  • Yellow – words of wisdom
  • Green – resilience
  • Blue – go to a regular spot
  • Purple – look at the endings and you’ll figure it out
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Categories for Today NYT Connections July 08 2024

The four groups for the NYT Connections puzzle on July 08, 2024, are listed below,

  • Yellow – BIT OF ADVICE
  • Green – FORTITUDE
  • Blue – SPEND TIME AT

NYT's Connections Answers for Today July 08, 2024

Are you curious to know today's NYT's Connections answers? Today's Connections answer is listed below. Today’s NYT Connections puzzle answers are...

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What are today's Connections YELLOW words answers?

Today's Yellow word theme is BIT OF ADVICE. The 4 Yellow Word answers are POINTER, SUGGESTION, TIP, TRICK.

  • Pointer

A suggestion or piece of advice aimed at helping someone improve or succeed. It can also refer to a hint or tip.

  • Suggestion

An idea or proposal put forward for consideration. It is often used to offer advice or recommend a course of action.

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  • Tip

A small but useful piece of advice or information, typically provided to help someone in a specific situation. It can also refer to a gratuity given for a service.

  • Trick

A clever or skillful action or strategy used to achieve a goal or solve a problem. In the context of advice, it refers to a helpful technique or method.

What are today's Connections GREEN words answers?

Today's Green word theme is FORTITUDE. The 4 Green Word answers are GRIT, RESOLVE, SPIRIT, WILL.

  • Grit

Courage and resolve; strength of character. It refers to the determination and perseverance to keep going despite difficulties.

  • Resolve

Firm determination to do something. It signifies a strong will and commitment to achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle.

  • Spirit

The mental or emotional strength to face hardship or adversity. It often implies a positive and resilient attitude.

  • Will

The power of control the mind has over its own actions; determination. It reflects the inner strength to make decisions and follow through with them, even in the face of challenges.

What are today's Connections BLUE words answers?

Today's Blue word theme is SPEND TIME AT. The 4 Blue Word answers are FREQUENT, HAUNT, PATRONIZE, VISIT.

  • Frequent

To visit or spend time at a place often or regularly. It implies habitual or regular attendance.

  • Haunt

To visit a place often. It can also have a slightly eerie connotation, implying that one is seen at a place regularly, almost as if they are always present.

  • Patronize

To support a business or organization by being a customer. It also means to visit a place regularly and give it your business.

  • Visit

To go to a place in order to spend time there. It is a general term for spending time at a location, whether it's occasional or regular.

What are today's Connections PURPLE words answers?

Today's Purple word theme is WORDS ENDING IN NUMBERS. The 4 Purple Word answers are CANINE, FREIGHT, OFTEN, OZONE.

  • Canine

Related to dogs. It can refer to a dog itself or to teeth that are pointed and adapted for tearing, such as the canine teeth in mammals.

  • Freight

Goods transported in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft. It can also refer to the cost of transporting goods.

  • Often

Frequently; many times; on many occasions. It indicates a high frequency of occurrence.

  • Ozone

A molecule composed of three oxygen atoms, often found in the Earth's stratosphere. It plays a crucial role in blocking most of the sun's ultraviolet radiation from reaching the Earth's surface.

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