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NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 09, 2024​

Solve the latest NYT Connections game with hints from this article, and find the answers here. Get hints and solutions to master today's puzzle.

by Tamilarasi

Updated Jul 09, 2024


NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 09, 2024​

NYT’s Connections Hints for Today July 09, 2024

Here are hints for today's NYT Connections game puzzle on July 09, 2024. These hints will help you solve today's puzzle.

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  • Yellow— KEEP TRACK

Categories for Today NYT Connections July 09, 2024

The four groups for the NYT Connections puzzle on July 09, 2024, are listed below,

  • Yellow group — CHRONICLE
  • Green group — MESS OF HAIR
  • Blue group — TV SHOWS MINUS “S”
  • Purple group — WORDS AFTER “HEDGE”

NYT's Connections Answers for Today July 09, 2024

Are you curious to know today's NYT's Connections answers? Today's Connections answer is listed below. Today’s NYT Connections puzzle answers are…

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What are today's Connections YELLOW words answers?

Today's Yellow word theme is CHRONICLE. The 4 Yellow Word answers are Journal, Log, Record, Register

  • Journal

A journal is like a notebook where you write down your thoughts, experiences, and daily events. It's a personal record where you can track what happens in your life.

  • Log

A log is a record of events or actions. It’s like a diary where you write down what happens. For example, a captain on a ship keeps a log to note where they sailed and what they saw. On a computer, a log keeps track of actions, like when you log in or out.

  • Record

A record is a way to save information so it can be looked at later. It's like writing things down in a notebook or keeping a list of facts and events.

  • Register

Register means to sign up or enroll for something. It usually involves providing your name and other information to join an event, service, or list. For example, register for a class, a website, or a contest.

What are today's Connections Green words answers?

Today's Green word theme is MESS OF HAIR. The 4 Green Word answers are Mane, Mop, Shock, Tangle

  • Mane

Mane is the long hair that grows on the neck of some animals, like lions and horses. It's like a natural hairdo for them.

  • Mop

MOP stands for "Method of Procedure." It's a detailed, step-by-step plan that explains how to do a specific task or job. This plan helps people do the task correctly and safely by following the instructions.

  • Shock

Shock is a sudden and serious condition in which the body doesn't have enough blood flow. It can happen due to severe injuries, infections, or other medical emergencies.

  • Tangle

Tangle means when things get twisted or knotted together, like hair or ropes. It can also describe a situation that is confusing or difficult to understand.

What are today's Connections BLUE words answers?

Today's Blue word theme is TV SHOWS MINUS “S”. The 4 Blue Word answers are Cheer, Friend, Scrub, Weed

  • Cheer

Cheer is a TV show about a group of college cheerleaders working hard to win competitions and support each other. It's exciting and shows their teamwork and dedication.

  • Friend

A friend is someone who likes you, helps you, and enjoys spending time with you. They care about your feelings and support you when you need it.

  • Scrub

A scrub is a person who is not good at something they're trying to do, like a beginner or someone who needs to learn more.

  • Cheer

Weed refers to plants that grow wild and can be unwanted in gardens. People also use the word for marijuana, which some use for medicine or recreation.

What are today's Connections PURPLE words answers?

Today's Purple word theme is WORDS AFTER “HEDGE”. The 4 Purple Word answers are Fund, Hog, Maze, Trimmer

  • Fund

A fund is money that people put together to use for a specific purpose, like helping others, investing, or supporting projects. It's like a pool of money collected from different people or organizations.

  • Hog

A hog is a large pig often raised on farms for meat. It's known for its strong build and thick skin.

  • Maze

A maze is like a puzzle with paths and walls. You try to find your way from the start to the finish without getting lost.

  • Trimmer

A trimmer is a small tool used to cut and shape hair, especially on the face, to keep it

neat. It's like a small electric or manual scissors for grooming

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