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NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 10, 2024​

Solve the latest NYT Connections game with hints from this article, and find the answers here. Get hints and solutions to master today's puzzle.

by Tamilarasi

Updated Jul 10, 2024


NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 10, 2024​

NYT’s Connections Hints for Today July 10, 2024

Here are hints for today's NYT Connections game puzzle on July 10, 2024. These hints will help you solve today's puzzle.

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  • Blue— FAUNA

Categories for Today NYT Connections July 10, 2024

The four groups for the NYT Connections puzzle on July 10, 2024, are listed below,

  • Green — BACK TALK
  • Blue— FISH

NYT's Connections Answers for Today July 10, 2024

Are you curious to know today's NYT's Connections answers? Today's Connections answer is listed below. Today’s NYT Connections puzzle answers are…

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What are today's Connections YELLOW words answers?

Today's Yellow word theme is FUTURE LIKELIHOOD. The 4 Yellow Word answers are Chance, Forecast, Outlook, Prospect

  • Chance

The probability or possibility of something happening in the future. It often refers to the likelihood of a specific event occurring.

  • Forecast

A prediction or estimate of future events, especially regarding weather or financial trends. It involves analyzing data to project future conditions.

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  • Outlook

The likely or expected future condition or trend of something, such as the economy or weather. It reflects an overall view or perspective on future events.

  • Prospect

The expectation or possibility of a future event happening. It often denotes potential opportunities or outcomes that are anticipated.

What are today's Connections Green words answers?

Today's Green word theme is BACK TALK. The 4 Green Word answers are Attitude, Cheek, Lip, Sass

  • Attitude

A defiant or disrespectful manner is often displayed through body language or tone. It implies a lack of respect or rudeness.

  • Cheek

Impudent or disrespectful behavior is typically characterized by boldness or audacity. It often involves speaking or acting in a way that shows a lack of respect.

  • Lip

Insolent or disrespectful speech; talking back. It denotes rudeness or sassiness in verbal responses.

  • Sass

Lively or cheeky speech is often characterized by boldness or impertinence. It signifies spirited or audacious backtalk.

What are today's Connections Blue words answers?

Today's Blue word theme is FISH. The 4 Blue Word answers are Bass, Fluke, Perch, Pike

  • Bass

A type of fish known for its size and popularity among anglers. It belongs to the family Percichthyidae or Serranidae.

  • Fluke

A type of flatfish, also known as summer flounder, found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its distinctive body shape and is a popular catch for fishing.

  • Perch

A freshwater fish commonly found in rivers and lakes. It is known for its striped pattern and is popular in recreational fishing.

  • Pike

A large, predatory fish is found in freshwater habitats. It is known for its elongated body and sharp teeth, making it a formidable predator.

What are today's Connections Purple words answers?

Today's Purple word theme is CHRONICLE. The 4 Purple Word answers are Journal, Log, Record, Register

  • Journal

A personal or official record of events, experiences, and reflections is typically kept regularly. It often includes detailed and chronological entries.

  • Log

A systematic record of events, data, or observations, often maintained in a professional or technical context. It is commonly used in navigation, research, and various industries.

  • Record

A documented account of facts, events, or transactions. It serves as evidence or a historical reference, maintained in written, audio, or digital form.

  • Register

An official or formal list or book of records often used to track specific information such as births, transactions, or membership. It is systematically organized for reference and verification.

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