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NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 11, 2024​

Solve the latest NYT Connections game with hints from this article, and find the answers here. Get hints and solutions to master today's puzzle.

by Tamilarasi

Updated Jul 11, 2024


NYT Connections Hints and Answers for July 11, 2024​

NYT’s Connections Hints for Today July 11, 2024

Here are hints for today's NYT Connections game puzzle on July 11, 2024. These hints will help you solve today's puzzle.

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  • Blue — EXCHANGE

Categories for Today NYT Connections July 11, 2024

The four groups for the NYT Connections puzzle on July 11, 2024, are listed below,

  • Blue — TRANSFER
  • Purple — LIGHT-UP SIGNS

NYT's Connections Answers for Today July 11, 2024

Are you curious to know today's NYT's Connections answers? Today's Connections answer is listed below. Today’s NYT Connections puzzle answers are…

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What are today's Connections YELLOW words answers?

Today's Yellow word theme is SCHOOL SUPPLIES. The 4 Yellow Word answers are Pen, Ruler, Scissors, Tape

  • Pen

A pen is a writing instrument used to apply ink to a surface, typically paper, for writing or drawing. It's a fundamental school supply used by students for note-taking, assignments, and exams.

  • Ruler

A ruler is a measuring tool used to draw straight lines and measure distances. In school, it's essential for geometry, technical drawing, and various other subjects requiring precise measurements.

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  • Scissors

Scissors are a cutting tool consisting of two blades that pivot to cut paper, fabric, and other materials. They are commonly used in classrooms for arts and crafts projects, and various other educational activities.

  • Tape

Tape is an adhesive material used to stick objects together or repair torn paper. In school, it's often used for mounting posters, mending book pages, and various other classroom tasks.

What are today's Connections Green words answers?

Today's Green word theme is FUNDAMENTAL. The 4 Green Word answers are Essential, Key, Principal, Staple

  • Essential

Something essential is necessary or extremely important. It refers to items or concepts that are fundamental to the functioning or existence of something, such as essential nutrients for the body or essential skills for a job.

  • Key

Key refers to something crucial or of paramount importance in a particular context. It often denotes the most important element or factor, such as a key component in a project or a key player in a team.

  • Principal

Principal describes the most important or primary element in a given situation. It is often used to denote the main leader, like the principal of a school, or the most significant reason or idea behind something.

  • Staple

A staple is a basic or necessary item that is used frequently and in large quantities. In the context of fundamental needs, it refers to essential products, like staple foods in a diet, that are regularly consumed and vital for daily living.

What are today's Connections Blue words answers?

Today's Blue word theme is TRANSFER. The 4 Blue Word answers are Give, Hand, Pass, Send

  • Give

To give means to transfer possession or control of something to someone else freely. It involves offering or providing something voluntarily, such as giving a gift or giving assistance.

  • Hand

To hand is to physically deliver or pass something to another person directly. It often involves a direct and tangible exchange, like handing over documents or handing a tool to someone.

  • Pass

Pass means moving or transferring something from one person to another, usually in a sequence or through a process. It can refer to passing an object in a relay or passing a message along.

  • Send

To send is to cause something to be taken or delivered to a particular destination or person. It involves dispatching items, messages, or information, such as sending a letter or sending an email.

What are today's Connections Purple words answers?

Today's Purple word theme is LIGHT-UP SIGNS. The 4 Purple Word answers are Applause, Exit, Recording, Walk

  • Applause

An "Applause" sign typically lights up to prompt an audience to clap, often used in live TV shows or studio recordings. It signals the appropriate moments for the audience to show their appreciation or support.

  • Exit

An "Exit" sign is an illuminated indicator showing the way to an emergency exit. It is crucial for safety in buildings, guiding people to the nearest way out in case of emergencies like fires.

  • Recording

A "Recording" sign lights up to indicate that an audio or video recording is in progress. Common in studios, it alerts people to maintain silence and avoid interruptions during the recording session.

  • Walk

A "Walk" sign is part of pedestrian traffic signals, lighting up to indicate it is safe for pedestrians to cross the street. It ensures orderly and safe crossing at intersections and crosswalks.

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