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NYT Crossword Clue Powdered donut's filling Answer

The solution to the "Powdered donut's filling" crossword clue, which is part of the NYT Mini Daily Crossword for May 14, 2024, is "JELLY."

by Abisha

Updated May 14, 2024


NYT Crossword Clue Powdered donut's filling Answer

Solving a crossword puzzle often involves a combination of logic, general knowledge, vocabulary, and word association skills. Players may start by filling in words they know for certain, then use intersecting letters to deduce other answers.

Join us in solving the crossword clue for today’s NYT Mini: Powdered donut's filling


  • Sweet center
  • Inner delight
  • Creamy interior
  • Soft, sugary core
  • Filled pastry component
  • What's inside the powdered shell
  • Often sweet and flavorful


The Exact answer is JELLY.

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Answer Explanation

The answer for the clue Powdered donut's filling is "JELLY". The answer "JELLY" for the clue "Powdered donut's filling" refers to the sweet, fruity filling commonly found inside powdered donuts. Powdered donuts, also known as powdered sugar donuts or powdered jelly donuts, are a type of donut coated with powdered sugar on the outside and filled with various types of sweet fillings.

Jelly is a popular filling for powdered donuts, providing a burst of fruit flavor and a soft, gooey texture. It is typically made from fruit juice, sugar, and pectin or gelatin to give it a thick consistency. Common flavors of jelly filling include strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and grape, among others.

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