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NYT Mini Crossword Clues Answers on 14 May 2024

The Mini Crossword is a compact edition New York Times Crossword puzzle. We solved NYT's Mini Crossword for May 14, 2024. Here are the clues and answers for the May 14, 2024 edition of NYT Mini Crossword puzzle.

by Niranjani

Updated May 14, 2024


NYT Mini Crossword Clues Answers on 14 May 2024

Today's NYT Mini Crossword Answers

New York Times Mini Crossword is a daily crossword puzzle published by The New York Times. It's a smaller, quicker version of the classic New York Times crossword puzzle, designed to be completed in just a few minutes.


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We have provided NYT Mini Crossword Clue Answers Today June 21, 2024 here. Our guide for the NYT Mini Crossword answers for June 21, 2024, should help you finish today's puzzle if you're stuck on a clue.

Kind of board for a séance

  • The answer is OUIJA
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Building add-on

  • The answer is ANNEX

Info accompanying an artist’s name on a museum placard

  • The answer is TITLE

Be a tattletale

  • The answer is TELL

___ as a fox

  • The answer is SLY


Plant-based milk option

  • The answer is OAT

Meters, miles, milliliters, etc.

  • The answer is UNITS

What a file marked “Top Secret” may contain

  • The answer is INTEL

Powdered donut’s filling

  • The answer is JELLY

Figure skater’s leap

  • The answer is AXEL

How to Play?

To play the New York Times Mini Crossword puzzle, start by accessing it through the New York Times app or website. Read the short clues provided for each word and use the grid to input your answers.

The words intersect with each other, aiding you in solving them. Verify your answers to ensure they align with the intersecting words and clues.

If necessary, try different combinations until everything fits. Continue filling in words until the entire grid is complete. Once you've correctly filled in all the words, you've solved the New York Times Mini Crossword!

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