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Once Human Devs Release Multiple Character Creation, Once Human Gameplay

Starry Studio has responded to player feedback by releasing multiple character creation in Once Human earlier than planned. This update enables players to create more than one character per account, addressing a key limitation from the game's initial launch plans and improving overall flexibility for players.

by Naveenkumar

Updated Jul 10, 2024


Once Human Devs Release Multiple Character Creation, Once Human Gameplay

Once Human Devs Release Multiple Character Creation

Starry Studio, the developer of Once Human, has decided to release the ability for players to create multiple characters earlier than planned. This feature, originally slated for an August update, allows players to have more than one character per account. The game initially launched without this option and other features like cross-platform saves on Steam, controller support, and NVIDIA DLSS. These features are still in development but releasing multi-character creation early shows the studio's commitment to improving player experience based on community input.

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How to Change Your Character in Once Human?

You can customize your character fully when you start Once Human, but changing their appearance later is not easy. Follow this guide to learn how.

Be Sure About Your Character at the Start:

  • Make sure you like your character's look when you first create them. If you don't, you might need to delete the character and start over.

Use Real Money to Change Appearance:

  • To change your character's appearance after creation, you need to spend real money. You'll need about $7-8 to buy 480 Crystgin, the game's premium currency.

Buy a Chrysalis Token:

  • With 480 Crystgin, you can buy a Chrysalis Token from the in-game shop. To access the shop, press "Esc" in the game and find the Chrysalis Token under the "Other" section.

Build a Full-Length Mirror:

  • To use the Chrysalis Token, you need a Full-Length Mirror. You can build it at your base from the "Furniture" tab. The mirror costs 20 Logs and 10 Glass.

Change Your Appearance:

  • Once you have the mirror and the Chrysalis Token, use the mirror to re-enter the character creator and change your character's appearance as you like.

That's it! Now you know how to change your character's appearance in Once Human.

Once Human

Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game set in a strange, post-apocalyptic future. You can team up with friends to fight monstrous enemies, uncover secret plots, compete for resources, and build your territory. In this world, humans, animals, and plants are infested by an alien creature called Stardust. As a Meta-Human, you can survive this contamination and use the power of Stardust. You can play alone or join others to fight, build, and explore. When the world is in chaos, you are the last hope to remake it.

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Once Human Gameplay

Once Human is an open-world survival shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world infested by an alien substance called Stardust. Players, known as Meta-Humans, must survive amidst contaminated environments where both living beings and nature itself are affected. Choices like eating polluted food or drinking dirty water impact your Sanity and health.

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The game features battling various enemies, including former humans turned monsters and dimensional bosses, to gain powerful items and combat Stardust pollution. Players can customize over 100 gun blueprints across seven categories, adding accessories and perks to enhance their firearms.

Building is a key aspect, using Territory Cores to construct personalized shelters, from compact rooms to elaborate townhouses with kitchens and garages. Players can relocate their territories as needed.

Exploration involves uncovering the origins and motives of Stardust while interacting with different factions—some hostile, some friendly. This journey blends survival, combat, customization, and storytelling in a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience.

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