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Once Human Lost in Madness Quest Guide, Know The Easy Methods to Solve Quests

"Once Human: Lost In Madness" quest guide offers players a thrilling journey through Nalcott's post-apocalyptic landscape, navigating deep lore and challenging missions for rewards and survival.

by Naveenkumar

Updated Jul 11, 2024


Once Human Lost in Madness Quest Guide, Know The Easy Methods to Solve Quests

Once Human Lost in Madness Quest Guide

To embark on the Lost in Madness quest in Once Human, follow these steps to uncover the Cultist’s Treasure:

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Start the Lost in Madness Quest

Locate the Cultist Treasure Map:

  • Begin by visiting the BN Store at Coastside Plaza in Dayton Wetlands, the starting area of Once Human.

Retrieve the Map:

  • Inside the BN Store, find and defeat an enemy spawner. Afterward, interact with the red candle in the ritual circle. This action triggers a visual effect, revealing a Cultist’s Treasure crate nearby containing the map.

Find the Cultist Treasure

Use the Cultist Treasure Map:

  • Once in possession of the map, head towards Chalk Peak, west of your current location. Look for the Believers Colony settlement, situated west of the Tall Grass Inn marker on your map.

Unlocking the Treasure:

  • Accessing the Cultist’s Treasure in Chalk Peak involves overcoming a level 32+ barrier, which was inaccessible during the Steam Next Fest demo. In the full game, clear out the cultists at Believers Colony and interact with four Lucky Cat statues. Offer gifts to each statue to receive treasure fragment keys. Combine all four keys to unlock the Cultist’s Treasure crate, completing the quest.

Following these steps will guide you through the intricate and challenging Lost in Madness quest, offering a unique adventure in Once Human.

Lost In Madness Once Human

Lost In Madness in Once Human is a complex and intriguing questline that challenges players to embark on a treasure hunt within the game world. This quest is known for its intricate gameplay mechanics and requires players to navigate through various challenges to uncover the Cultist's Treasure. Starting with finding the Cultist Treasure map at the BN Store in Coastside Plaza, players must defeat enemies and interact with mystical elements like red candles and ritual circles to progress. The ultimate goal is to reach Chalk Peak and locate the Believers Colony settlement, where unlocking the Cultist's Treasure involves solving puzzles and overcoming level barriers. This quest not only tests players' gaming skills but also immerses them in a rich narrative filled with mystery and discovery in Once Human.

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Once Human Quests Gameplay

Main quests in "Once Human" guide players through the deep lore of Rosetta and the mysteries surrounding the cataclysm. These quests unravel the dramatic history of Nalcott and the factions vying for control.

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Side Quests and Collaborative Efforts

  • Aside from main quests, players can engage in various side quests. These range from hunting powerful aberrations to solving timed crisis events with other players. Completing these tasks rewards players with valuable experience and in-game tokens.

Challenges and Crisis Events

  • Players face challenges like containing pollution-causing anomalies and competing in time-limited crisis events. These tasks require teamwork and strategic planning to safeguard humanity from existential threats.

Exploration and Reward System

  • Exploring the expansive 16km² map of Nalcott rewards players with resources and lore-rich discoveries. Each area, from the polluted downtown to the scenic Great Plains, offers unique challenges and rewards for daring explorers.

Economic and Crafting Opportunities

  • An integral part of gameplay involves collecting resources, crafting weapons, equipment, and even building structures. The game's economy, driven by Energy Links and Source, facilitates trade and development, ensuring players can thrive in the post-apocalyptic world.

PvP and Stronghold Dynamics

  • For those seeking competitive gameplay, "Once Human" features PvP modes like Stronghold Contest and Impasse Exploration. These modes allow players to form alliances, battle for resources, and dominate contested territories, adding layers of strategic depth to the game.

Unique Survival Mechanics

  • Survival in "Once Human" hinges on managing status values like sanity, health, hydration, energy, and oxygen. Players must navigate polluted environments, combat aberrant creatures, and maintain their well-being using crafted items and strategic planning.

Once Human

Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game set in a strange, post-apocalyptic future. You can team up with friends to fight monstrous enemies, uncover secret plots, compete for resources, and build your territory. In this world, humans, animals, and plants are infested by an alien creature called Stardust. As a Meta-Human, you can survive this contamination and use the power of Stardust. You can play alone or join others to fight, build, and explore. When the world is in chaos, you are the last hope to remake it.

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