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The First Descendant Action and Reaction, Everything We Know So Far

The "Action and Reaction" module in "The First Descendant" boosts recoil and firearm attack, costing 6 Capacity Points, and can be earned by completing missions like the Large Nuclear Reactor quest in the Sterile Land region.

by Kavitha

Updated Jul 11, 2024


The First Descendant Action and Reaction, Everything We Know So Far

The First Descendant

"The First Descendant" is a free game you can play with your friends. It's an action RPG shooter set in a cool sci-fi world. You play as a Descendant, someone who gets special powers from the Ancestors. Your job is to protect a place called Ingris.

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Playing as your character from behind is an interesting aspect of the game's third-person shooting gameplay. Fun gunfights and large-scale boss confrontations abound. The game can be played by four people if you form a team with up to three other players.

Every character in the game is distinct and has specific powers of their own. The game looks amazing because of the excellent visuals. It resembles a cross between "Warframe" and "Destiny." The game becomes more difficult as you play, presenting you with increasingly difficult material.

The First Descendant Action and Reaction

The "Action and Reaction" module is a unique upgrade found in "The First Descendant." This module enhances recoil but also helps your character's firearm attack. The General Rounds module has a 6 Capacity Point price tag.

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To gain this module, you must complete the Sterile Land region's Large Nuclear Reactor quest. You can play this task on both the Normal and Hard difficulties. Eliminate as many opponents as you can along the assignment, as they might quit this module. Other missions like Patrol Route and Anticipated Ambush Point also allow access to the Action and Reaction module.

Once you obtain this module, you can combine it with three other modules to create a new item or use it to enhance your character.

The first Descendant General Module

Here's a table showing some of the General Rounds modules, their socket types, and capacity costs:

Modules Socket Type Capacity Cost
Action and Reaction Malachite 6
Slow Art Malachite 6
Colon Special Forces Malachite 6
Normal Impact Rounds Refining Xantic 5
Normal Special Rounds Refining Xantic 5
Weak Point Sight Malachite 6
Better Concentration Almandine 6
Expand Weapon Charge Cerulean 5

Every module is different and can be accessed via completing tasks, making game progress, or looking at maps.

The First Descendant Gameplay

Playing as a strong character known as a Descendant in "The First Descendant," You get to select your Descendant, and each has special skills. Along with altering their appearance, your character's abilities and equipment are also customizable.

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You'll travel across a variety of settings as you explore the expansive science fiction universe of Ingris, including lush forests and ancient, abandoned ruins. You will come upon secrets, side missions, and untold tales along the route.

The battle in the game is exciting and full of action. You'll play a third-person shooter with futuristic weaponry and special abilities. You're capable of some truly amazing combos. Joining forces with pals is a big part of the game, and it enhances the strategy and fun of matches.

Strong abilities that were inherited by your descendant from their ancient predecessors are now available to them. When you're fighting, these abilities can deal massive blows or protect your companions from harm.

The game has several different types of missions. Story missions can help you unravel the mysteries of Ingris. Strikes are cooperative tasks that are challenging, but raids are boss encounters that offer fantastic rewards.

Your character will level up, acquire experience, and unlock new abilities as you play. To alter your appearance and skills, you can gather accessories, modifications, and makeup.

In the endgame, you can pursue powerful Exotic gear and participate in seasonal events. Teamwork and strategy are key in "The First Descendant." Whether you're defending against alien invasions or exploring ancient ruins, your Descendant's destiny awaits!

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