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The First Descendant Module Locations And How To Find Them

Modules enhance characters and weapons found throughout the game world. Players discover these upgrades by exploring, completing quests, or defeating enemies, each with unique acquisition methods.

by Preethi

Updated Jul 11, 2024


The First Descendant Module Locations And How To Find Them

The First Descendant Module Locations

In "The First Descendant," modules, also called mods, can be discovered in diverse places across the game world. These items are designed to improve your character (the Descendant) or weapons. Obtaining these modules typically requires exploring various regions, finishing specific quests, or defeating formidable foes. Each module has its own distinct location or way of being obtained, which players uncover as they advance through the game's storyline.

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What Are Modules in The First Descendant?

Modules, often referred to as mods, are items that enhance either your Descendant (character) or your weapons in the game "The First Descendant" (TFD). They come in various types and rarities, such as Transcendent, Ultimate, Rare, and Normal. These modules can significantly improve your gameplay by boosting stats, adding special effects, or modifying abilities.

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How To Find Module Locations in The First Descendant?

To locate modules in The First Descendant:

  1. Open the world map within the game.
  2. Access the Access Info tab.
  3. Navigate to the Module screen.
  4. Hover over the module of interest and select the Acquisition Info button to view specific requirements for obtaining it.

How To Equip Modules in The First Descendant?

Equipping modules is an easy task in The First Descendant. Here is how:

  1. Open the Inventory Screen.
  2. Select the appropriate tab based on whether you're equipping Descendant modules or weapon modules.
  3. Drag and drop the desired module from the lower section of the Module screen into an available slot at the top.

Module Types and Their Uses

There are two main categories of modules:

  • Weapon Modules: Enhance weapon performance by improving stats like damage, critical hits, or ammo capacity. These modules are often specific to certain types of weapons.
  • Descendant Modules: Enhance your Descendant's abilities, such as increasing health or boosting specific skills.

The First Descendant

"The First Descendant" immerses players in a gaming experience where they assume the role of the Descendant, navigating through a meticulously crafted world. This game seamlessly integrates exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving challenges.

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As players progress, they gather modules that boost their Descendant's skills and upgrade their weapons, facilitating strategic gameplay customization. With its captivating environment and wide-ranging module options, the game invites players to embark on an engaging narrative journey while honing their abilities in both combat and discovery.

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