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The First Descendant Record Locations, Where to Find Record Locations in The First Descendant?

Find Records for Bunny's questline in "The First Descendant" at Sterile Lands, Vespers, and Echo Swamp. Use the guide to locate and collect them to complete the quest.

by Jayasree

Updated Jul 11, 2024


The First Descendant Record Locations, Where to Find Record Locations in The First Descendant?

The First Descendant Record Locations

To complete the "Follow Their Traces" quest in The First Descendant, you need to locate the records of Bunny’s parents. These records are situated on the cliff edge on the south side of the Restricted Zone in the Sterile Lands. Note that access to the Restricted Zone in the Sterile Lands is only possible after progressing through the story quests and reaching the "Successful Infiltration" quest for Sharen.

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Here are the locations for the Records in Bunny's questline in "The First Descendant":

1. Follow Their Traces

  • Location: Sterile Lands, Restricted Zone
  • Details:
    • Go to the southern border of the Restricted Zone.
    • Find the Record on the edge of a cliff near a metal platform.
    • Interact with it to pick it up.

2. The Traces Continue

  • Location: Vespers, The Ruins
  • Details:
    • Head to the gate to The Lumber Yard.
    • Look for an overgrown arch structure to the east of the gate.
    • Use your grapple hook to climb to the top.
    • The Record is on top of the structure.

3. In Search of The Relic

  • Location: Echo Swamp, Derelict Covert
  • Details:
    • Go to the Derelict Covert.
    • Find the giant tower structures to the north.
    • Climb the tallest tower using your grapple hook.
    • The Record is on the scaffolding near the top.

After finding all the Records, return to Albion to continue and finish Bunny's questline.

What is the Record Location in The First Descendant?

In "The First Descendant," Record Locations are specific places where you find hidden journal entries or "Records." These Records are part of Bunny's questline and reveal her backstory. You need to explore different areas in the game to find these Records.

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Key locations include the Restricted Zone in Sterile Lands, The Ruins in Vespers, and the Derelict Covert in Echo Swamp. Finding these Records involves using abilities like the grapple hook to reach difficult spots. Collecting all Records progresses Bunny's questline and unlocks more story details.

The First Descendant Wiki

"The First Descendant" is a video game where players take on the role of Descendants, powerful characters with unique abilities, in a futuristic setting. The game combines action, strategy, and storytelling elements, guiding players through quests and missions to uncover secrets and battle enemies. Players progress by completing tasks, earning rewards, and unlocking new areas and characters.

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The game features a diverse roster of Descendants, each with their own skills and storylines to explore. Throughout the game, players must strategize, engage in combat, and solve challenges to advance the plot and enhance their characters' abilities. With its blend of narrative-driven gameplay and tactical challenges, "The First Descendant" offers an immersive experience for players looking to delve into a sci-fi adventure filled with exploration and combat.

Game Review

"The First Descendant" impresses with engaging gunplay and charismatic characters like Bunny, offering thrilling boss battles and cooperative gameplay. The visuals are surprisingly premium for a free-to-play game, despite occasional technical hiccups. It features deep RPG mechanics and a variety of playable characters with unique abilities, enhancing replayability. The game's loot system, constantly rewarding players with distinctive weapons and upgrades, adds to the excitement of exploring its expansive world.

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The missions, especially the boss fights against Colossuses, provide intense action and strategic depth. The core gameplay remains satisfying. Future updates promise potential improvements, making it a worthwhile experience for fans of looter shooters seeking cooperative adventures and character-driven gameplay in a vibrant sci-fi universe.

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