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Weaver Answer July 11 2024 Today - A Simple Guide

We revealed the solution for the Weaver puzzle on July 11, 2024. Know how to change 'STAG' to 'BUCK' with step-by-step hints and optimal word paths.

by Aishwarya

Updated Jul 11, 2024


Weaver Answer July 11 2024 Today - A Simple Guide


Weaver is an online puzzle game. In this game, you start with one word and need to reach another word. You do this by changing one letter at a time to make new four-letter words, getting closer to the target word with each step. You need to change one letter in each word to reach the final word. Ideally, you can solve it in four steps by changing one letter at a time, but this might not always work for every Weaver puzzle.

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Weaver Answer July 11 2024 Today

Today's Weaver puzzle, released on July 11th, 2024, starts with the word "STAG" and ends with the word "BUCK." You can only change one letter in each word you make, and the letter you change doesn't need to be in the final word.

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Hints to Find the Answer

Here are some hints to help you find the answer:

  • Change one letter at a time: Ensure each new word only differs by one letter from the previous word.
  • Focus on creating valid four-letter words: Use common words that help bridge the gap between "STAG" and "BUCK."
  • Incorporate letters from "BUCK": Gradually include the letters B, U, C, and K in the intermediate words.
  • Experiment with different combinations: Try changing both vowels and consonants to move closer to the target word.

For example:

  • Change 'S' in "STAG" to another letter that gets you closer to "BUCK."
  • Experiment with different combinations and keep track of your steps.

By carefully considering each change and aiming to form valid words, you'll move step-by-step towards the final word "BUCK."

Weaver Answer July 11 2024 Today

Here are the answers for today's Weaver puzzle on July 11, 2024:-

Start Word: STAG

  • STAR
  • SOAR
  • SOAK
  • SOCK
  • SUCK

End Word: BUCK

Answer Explanation

Here's an explanation of how to get from "STAG" to "BUCK" using the given sequence:

  • STAG to STAR: Change 'G' to 'R'.
  • STAR to SOAR: Change 'T' to 'O'.
  • SOAR to SOAK: Change 'R' to 'K'.
  • SOAK to SOCK: Change 'A' to 'C'.
  • SOCK to SUCK: Change 'O' to 'U'.
  • SUCK to BUCK: Change 'S' to 'B'.

Each step involves changing just one letter to form a valid four-letter word, progressively moving closer to the end word "BUCK."

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