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Which LoL Champion Says this “All will drown." LoLdle Quote Champion Answer July 09, 2024

Check the answer to LoLdle quote “All will drown" try to solve this quote with the help of hints provided below.

by Abisha

Updated Jul 09, 2024


Which LoL Champion Says this “All will drown. LoLdle Quote Champion Answer July 09, 2024

Which Champion Says this “All will drown.” LoLdle Quote

Try to find the champion name who said the quote, “All will drown.”. The quote “All will drown.” is spoken by a champion in the popular game League of Legends. This champion's theme and abilities emphasize beauty, protection, and the power of gems, reflecting their unique and mystical persona. Check the clues given below to find the answer.

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  • The answer is a 8 letter word
  • A hulking figure clad in an ancient, diver's suit.
  • Equipped with a massive anchor, his primary weapon.
  • Known for his crowd-controlling abilities and tankiness.
  • Originally designed to explore the depths of the ocean.
  • Uses abilities like Dredge Line and Depth Charge.
  • His lore ties him to the horrors of the ocean's abyss.
  • Often seen as a protector of the weak and oppressed.
  • Has a deep, booming voice that instills fear in enemies.
  • Can disrupt enemy formations with his powerful crowd control.
  • His appearance and abilities reflect his thematic as a terror from the ocean's depths.


The answer to the quote “All will drown.” is 'Nautilus'


The quote "All will drown" is associated with Nautilus, a champion in the popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends (LoL). Nautilus is a powerful tank and crowd control champion known for his intimidating appearance and abilities focused on disrupting enemy formations and protecting allies.

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In the game, champions often have unique quotes or lines of dialogue associated with their character, which are triggered during gameplay events such as abilities being cast, movement, or interactions with other champions. Nautilus' quote "All will drown" reflects his thematic elements as a deep-sea diver equipped with a heavy diving suit and an anchor, emphasizing his lore and in-game role as a menacing force from the depths.

League of Legends features a diverse roster of champions, each with their own distinctive personality, abilities, and background stories. Nautilus, with his intimidating presence and thematic ties to the ocean depths, embodies the quote "All will drown" as part of his character's identity within the game's expansive universe.

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