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  3. Which LoL Champion Says this “Now we shall gluttonize." LoLdle Quote Champion Answer July 10, 2024

Which LoL Champion Says this “Now we shall gluttonize." LoLdle Quote Champion Answer July 10, 2024

Check the answer to LoLdle quote “Now we shall gluttonize" try to solve this quote with the help of hints provided below.

by Abisha

Updated Jul 10, 2024


Which LoL Champion Says this “Now we shall gluttonize. LoLdle Quote Champion Answer July 10, 2024

Which Champion Says this “Now we shall gluttonize” LoLdle Quote

Try to find the champion name who said the quote, “Now we shall gluttonize”. The quote “Now we shall gluttonize” is spoken by a champion in the popular game League of Legends. This champion's theme and abilities emphasize beauty, protection, and the power of gems, reflecting their unique and mystical persona. Check the clues given below to find the answer.

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  • The answer is a 9 letter word
  • This champion has a penchant for devouring allies and enemies alike.
  • Known for his manipulation of enemies' positioning through his unique abilities.
  • Has a distinctive appearance resembling a river demon or mythical creature.
  • Often played as a support or top lane tank due to his durability and crowd control abilities.
  • Can temporarily disable enemy champions by swallowing them whole.
  • Has a thematic connection to gluttony and consumption within the game's lore.
  • Capable of transporting himself and allies across the map with his ultimate ability.
  • Often builds items that enhance his tankiness and utility in team fights.
  • Known for his ability to turn the tide of battles with well-timed Devour and Abyssal Voyage.
  • His voice lines and quotes emphasize his manipulative and sinister persona, reflecting his deceptive nature in the game.


The answer to the quote “Now we shall gluttonize” is 'Tahm Kench'


The quote "Now we shall gluttonize" is indeed associated with Tahm Kench, a champion from the game League of Legends (LoL). Tahm Kench is a unique and memorable character in the game known for his insatiable hunger and ability to devour opponents. This quote reflects his voracious appetite and his thematic connection to the concept of eating or consuming.

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In League of Legends, Tahm Kench is depicted as a river demon who delights in consuming both objects and enemies alike. His abilities in the game center around this theme, such as his ability to swallow allies or enemies to protect or disable them. The quote "Now we shall gluttonize" underscores his predatory nature and emphasizes his role as a formidable and manipulative entity within the game's lore and gameplay.

Players familiar with Tahm Kench recognize this quote as characteristic of his persona, aligning well with his gameplay mechanics and thematic elements. It highlights his sinister and calculating demeanor, making him a distinctive and memorable champion in the diverse roster of League of Legends characters.

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