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Ear-related prefix Crossword Clue Answers on July 10, 2024

Discover the answer to the crossword clue Ear-related prefix on July 10, 2024

by Shoba

Updated Jul 10, 2024


Ear-related prefix Crossword Clue Answers on July 10, 2024

Ear-related prefix Crossword Clue

Let’s find the answers to Ear-related prefix for the July 10, 2024 edition of the crossword puzzle. Answer Contains 3 letters. Start with O and end with O, and the possible solutions are OHO, ORO, O T O.

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The answer to the clue, Ear-related prefix is O T O.


The answer to the Ear-related prefix is O T O.

The answer "OTO" as a prefix related to the ear derives from the term "oto-" which is commonly used in medical contexts to refer to the ear. In medical terminology, prefixes like "oto-" indicate a connection to the ear, its parts, or conditions related to hearing.

For instance, otology is the branch of medicine focused on the study and treatment of the ear, while an otoscope is a medical instrument used to examine the ear canal and eardrum. Thus, "OTO" is a succinct prefix that signals relevance to matters concerning the ear within medical terminology and practice.

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