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How to Access Rift Anchor in Once Human? How to Track Quests in Once Human?

Learn how to access Rift Anchors in "Once Human." Discover how to activate these key points, locate them on your map, and unlock powerful Rift Entities to earn valuable rewards.

by Rubaditsha

Updated Jul 11, 2024


How to Access Rift Anchor in Once Human? How to Track Quests in Once Human?

How to Access Rift Anchor in Once Human?

To access Rift Anchors in "Once Human," players need to follow specific steps tied to the main storyline. Here's how you can do it:

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Progress the Main Story

To access Rift Anchors, you need to follow the main story in "Once Human." Advancing the story will let you interact with the Rift Anchors and complete tasks.

Link to Monoliths

Rift Anchors are connected to the nearby Monoliths. You must access all Rift Anchors in a region to unlock the Monolith and fight the boss inside.

Complete Region Tasks

You can finish other tasks in a region anytime, but tasks related to Rift Anchors can only be completed during the main mission of that region.

Story Rewards

The main story offers many rewards and is the only way to enter Monoliths for boss battles, making it important to progress.

Markers on the Map

Once you unlock the mission to access Rift Anchors, they will be marked on your map with a quest marker.

Look for Purple Beams

Rift Anchors emit a purple beam that shoots straight up into the sky, making them easier to find.

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How to Track Quests in Once Human?

To track quests in "Once Human," follow these simple steps:

Open the Main Menu

Start by opening the main menu in the game.

Go to the Explorer's Guide

In the main menu, navigate to the Explorer's Guide. This is where you manage your quests.

Select the Tasks Option

In the Explorer's Guide, choose the second option called "Tasks," which is hotkeyed to "L."

Understand the Types of Quests

There are three types of quests:

  1. Follow The Stardust: Main quest line for accessing Rift Anchors.
  2. World Tasks: Additional quests for rewards and progress.
  3. Commissions: Side missions with various benefits.

Check Recommended Levels

Each quest shows a recommended level in different colors based on its difficulty compared to your level.

Complete the Main Story

Finishing the main story quests unlocks Rift Anchors and allows you to change worlds and play with friends.

By following these steps, you can easily track and manage your quests in "Once Human."

What are Rift Anchors in Once Human?

In "Once Human," Rift Anchors are special points you need to activate to access Rift Entities within the Monolith. These Anchors are connected to the main story and are important for progressing in the game. Activating enough Rift Anchors allows you to step into the Rift Anchor and face the Entity linked to it. Defeating this Entity earns you valuable rewards.

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Rift Anchors are crucial for completing certain quests, especially exploration quests. During these quests, you may be required to activate Rift Anchors as well as perform other tasks, such as finding weapons and gear crates or opening a Mystical Crate.

To make it easier, Rift Anchors are marked on your in-game map. This helps you find and activate them as you play. Activating Rift Anchors is a key part of advancing through the game's story and gaining valuable rewards.

Once Human

Once Human is a new open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game starts after a mysterious silver door opens, releasing Stardust that corrupts the world into a nightmarish landscape. In this strange, eerie world, you'll face extreme conditions, monstrous creatures, and hostile humans.

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Your goal is to survive by building shelters, fighting bizarre monsters, and using powerful weapons and skills. The game combines elements of science and fantasy, offering a mix of rationality and mystery. As a "Beyonder," you'll explore this chaotic world, adapt to its dangers, and uncover its secrets.

With a focus on survival and evolution, Once Human provides a unique and visually striking experience where you must navigate a world transformed by disaster and combat the challenges that arise from it.

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