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How to Fix Overwatch Failed to Connect to Server? Causes and Fixes

Find efficient ways to repair the 'Failed to Connect to Server' problem in Overwatch. Adhere to detailed guidance for troubleshooting to solve problems with connecting and returning to the game swiftly.

by Hanishagopica

Updated Jul 11, 2024


How to Fix Overwatch Failed to Connect to Server? Causes and Fixes

How to Fix Overwatch Failed to Connect to Server?

If you're experiencing the "Failed to Connect to Server" error in Overwatch, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Here are some potential solutions:

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  • Ensure you have the live server selected:

Before entering the game, ensure that the right active server is chosen.

  • Uninstall and re-install the Battle.net Desktop App:

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Battle.net Desktop App to guarantee that the process is not corrupted.

  • Try different internet connections:

If you're having trouble with your internet connection, attempt to connect to various internet sources, like mobile tethering or a mobile hotspot, to determine if the problem continues.

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  • Check for client-side connection issues:

The "Failed to Connect to Server" error might be due to problems with the client's ability to connect, like disruptions in the internet, blocked access, or different issues related to connectivity. Verify your internet link and make sure there are no problems on your side.

  • Check for host-side connection issues:

Sometimes, the error might stem from disruptions in service or updates from Blizzard's side. Look into whether there are any recognized issues with the servers or updates by exploring the Blizzard Support site or the official forums.

  • Test an alternate network:

If the earlier attempts to fix the problem were unsuccessful, you might want to consider checking out a different network to see if the issue is unique to your internet service provider (ISP). Doing so could pinpoint whether the problem stems from network issues impacting your internet connection.

  • Contact technical support:

If the aforementioned measures fail, you can seek help by visiting the Technical Support forum or get in touch with Blizzard's support crew for additional support.

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Why Overwatch Game Server Connection Failed?

The "Game Server Connection Failed" error in Overwatch can occur due to various reasons:

  • Make sure to choose the right active server before entering the game.
  • Verify your internet connection for any problems, like no internet, blocked access, or other issues with staying connected. Try different ways to connect to the internet, such as using your phone's data or Wi-Fi hotspot, to see if the problem continues.
  • The problem might also be due to service disruptions or updates from Blizzard. Look for any known issues with servers or updates on Blizzard's website or their official forums.
  • Occasionally, the server you're aiming to join might be at full capacity, leading to a "Game Server Connection Failed" error. Regrettably, there's no direct fix for this problem since it relies on the server's availability of spots.
  • Overwatch needs a stable and quick internet connection. Assess the reliability of your own internet and make sure it has low latency to prevent connection problems.
  • If the issue remains after trying these steps, you can seek help from the Technical Support forum or get in touch with Blizzard's support team for more help.


Overwatch, a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, was launched in 2016. It was initially available on PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with Nintendo Switch joining the lineup in October 2019. The game supported cross-platform play across all its platforms.

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Known as a "hero shooter", Overwatch divided players into two teams of six, each choosing from a vast selection of characters, or "heroes", each with their own distinct abilities. The objective was to achieve specific goals on each map within a set timeframe. Blizzard introduced new characters, maps, and game modes after the game's release, all at no cost to players, with the exception of optional loot boxes that could be purchased for cosmetic enhancements.

Title Overwatch
Developer & Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date May 24, 2016
Genre First-person shooter
Key Features Unique hero abilities, team strategy, dynamic objectives
Setting Futuristic Earth
Modes Multiplayer


Overwatch was a multiplayer online game typically played in a first-person shooter format. It offered a variety of game modes, mainly focusing on team-based battles between two teams of six players each. Players could choose from over two dozen pre-created hero characters belonging to one of three class categories: Damage heroes, who were responsible for most of the damage in attacks or defenses, Tank heroes, who could withstand a lot of damage, and Support heroes, who provided healing or other advantages to their teammates. Each hero came with a unique set of skills, including health points, speed, main attacks, both active and passive abilities, and an ultimate power that required charging by attacking enemies and healing allies. Players had the option to switch heroes during a match, aiming to create versatile teams that could adjust to the situation. The game has been categorized as a "hero shooter" by some critics for its emphasis on specific heroes and classes.

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The game included casual play, competitive ranked matches, and support for esports events, including Blizzard's Overwatch League. These modes typically involved capturing points on the map or moving a payload from one point to another, with one team attacking and the other defending.

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