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How to Use Wish Machine in Once Human? Know the Steps and Ways Here

To use the Wish Machine in "Once Human," collect Starchrom by completing tasks. Go to the machine at your base and choose to make a draw. You can spend Starchrom for one draw or ten draws at once.

by Ruksana

Updated Jul 10, 2024


How to Use Wish Machine in Once Human? Know the Steps and Ways Here

How to Use Wish Machine in Once Human?

Gear and advancement are key elements in Once Human, and the Wish Machine can accelerate your progress. This guide will explain how to unlock and use the Wish Machine to help you get one in your Territory.

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These are the steps to Use the Wish Machine:

  • Collect Starchrom:

Do tasks, and events, and log in to get Starchrom.

  • Access the Machine:

Find it at your base in the game.

  • Choose Your Draw:

Decide on one draw for 500 Starchrom or ten draws for 5,000 Starchrom.

  • Start Drawing:

Play the mini-game by hitting a llama with a mallet.

  • Get Your Prize:

You'll get a random reward like blueprints, cosmetics, or gear.

Wish Machine in Once Human

In "Once Human," the Wish Machine is a special feature where players can spend Starchrom to get rewards. To use it, players need to collect Starchrom by completing tasks and events. Once you have enough, you can access the Wish Machine at your base. You can choose to make a single draw or ten draws at once, each costing different amounts of Starchrom.

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The draw involves playing a mini-game where you hit a llama with a mallet. Your reward could be blueprints to craft items, cosmetics for character customization or gear pieces to improve your character's abilities. The Wish Machine is regularly updated with new rewards, adding variety to what you can win.

It's a fun and rewarding part of the game that adds excitement and helps you progress in "Once Human."

Where to find Wish Machine in Once Human?

Here are some ways to find the Wish Machine:

  • Progress in the Story:

Follow the main storyline.

  • Reach Greywater Camp:

Go to this location in the Iron River area.

  • Trigger the Cutscene:

Enter the base to trigger a cutscene.

  • Interact with the Machine:

Once the cutscene ends, you can interact with the Wish Machine.

Once Human

In "Once Human," you play in a world transformed by a mysterious event called the Stardust pollution. It's a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment where you must explore, build, and fight to survive. The game mixes elements of science fiction with eerie and mutated landscapes.

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Players can craft weapons, fight against monsters, and develop their character's abilities. The storyline unfolds as you navigate through different challenges and interact with other characters in the game world. "Once Human" offers a unique blend of survival mechanics and RPG elements, challenging players to adapt and thrive in a world forever changed by catastrophe.



"Once Human" is an open-world survival game where players navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape. The game features a mix of exploration, crafting, and combat. Players must gather resources, build shelters, and defend themselves against mutated creatures and hostile environments.

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The gameplay emphasizes strategic planning and resource management, as players explore diverse terrains and uncover the mysteries of the game world. Character progression involves acquiring new skills, crafting better equipment, and adapting to the evolving challenges presented by the game's dynamic environment.

"Once Human" offers a rich narrative experience set in a visually striking and atmospheric world, encouraging players to engage with its deep lore and immersive gameplay mechanics.

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