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LA Times Steep drop-off Crossword Clue from July 08, 2024

The answer for the LA Times Crossword Clue Steep drop-off is revealed as of July 08, 2024. "CLIFF" We believe this is the most likely solution for LA Times Steep drop-off Crossword Clue.

by Shoba

Updated Jul 08, 2024


LA Times Steep drop-off Crossword Clue from July 08, 2024

LA Times Steep drop-off Crossword Clue Answer

Let's solve this LA Times Steep drop-off Crossword Clue puzzle with the help of hints. Answer Contains 5 letters. Start with C and end with F, and the possible solutions are CALIF, CHAFF, CLIFF.

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What is the 5 letter Answer to Steep drop-off LA Times Crossword Clue?

The answer is CLIFF.

A steep drop-off is typically described as a sudden, sharp decline or decrease in elevation, often characterized by a near-vertical or vertical face. The word "cliff" is an excellent representation of this concept. A cliff is a natural feature, commonly found in mountainous or coastal areas, where the land abruptly ends, creating a dramatic drop to a lower level.

These formations are the result of various geological processes, such as erosion, volcanic activity, or tectonic movements, which shape the earth's surface over millions of years. Cliffs are often awe-inspiring due to their sheer height and the stark contrast they provide against the surrounding landscape.

This clue last seen in LA Times Crossword Puzzle on July 08, 2024. You can also get all other LA Times's Crossword clues hints and answers here.

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