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Newsday Crossword Answers Today June 18, 2024 Updated

You can get the Newsday Crossword Answers for June 18, 2024, and We have all Crossword Puzzle Clue Newsday Shown below which is trending on the Internet.

by Thamizhalagi

Updated Jun 18, 2024


Newsday Crossword Answers Today June 18, 2024 Updated

Newsday Crossword Answers June 18, 2024

Newsday Crossword Puzzle Answer Today June 18, 2024, refers to the crossword answers that are published daily as part of the Newsday Crossword game. On this website, you will find daily answers for the Newsday Crossword Clues.

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Comes down in a blizzard SNOWS
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Arrest, slangily BUST
Ocean reef material CORAL
Hoofbeat sound CLOP
Castaway’s spot ISLE
Stand up ARISE
Remove from power OUST
Twosomes DUOS
Generous people’s natures BIGHEARTS
Adjust to something new ADAPT
Climbing plant VINE
“:-)” as a happy-face symbol SMILEY
Makes a swap BARTERS
Feline that roars LION
Sandwich cookies OREOS
Shade that slate is DARKGRAY
Lunch or dinner MEAL
Greatly impressed INAWE
Champagne or Cabernet WINE
Place for a formal dance BALLROOM
Spaghetti or ravioli PASTA
__ over backwards (try hard) BEND
Person avoiding work SHIRKER
Helpings after seconds THIRDS
Perfume bottle VIAL
AM/FM device RADIO
Eli Whitney’s crop-gathering invention COTTONGIN
Pre-owned USED
Grain storage tower SILO
Make fun of TEASE
Male deer STAG
Caesar’s rebuke ETTU
Bother greatly EATAT
The “T” in TV TELE
Toward the setting sun WEST
Wedding gown, for example DRESS
Natural bandage SCAB
“Me neither” NORI
Not a photocopy: Abbr. ORIG
Launder WASH
Arms of jackets SLEEVES
Seeds of oak trees ACORNS
High-pitched woodwind FLUTE
Betsy of flag fame ROSS
__ for (choose) OPT
Intense auction competition BIDDINGWAR
Customary USUAL
Sledding spot SLOPE
In a crabby mood TESTY
What fills a basketball AIR
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Kingly title SIRE
Flop of a film BOMB
Carpet measure AREA
Genuine REAL
River crossing with a fee TOLLBRIDGE
Attorney’s field LAW
River barrier DAM
Take a chance with RISK
Pay to play poker ANTE
Twelve months YEAR
Atoms with a charge IONS
Head-moving approval NOD
Start over with REDO
Steered, as a plane PILOTED
Don’t take part in SITOUT
Derby or beret HAT
Have faith in TRUST
Undue speed HASTE
Best imaginable IDEAL
Battery measures VOLTS
Give as an example CITE
Get closer to NEAR
Fence’s entryway GATE
“A miss __ good…” ISAS
Tennis court dividers NETS
Stitch together SEW
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