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Will There be a Scrublands Season 2? Where to Watch Scrublands?

Discover the latest updates on the possibility of a Scrublands Season 2, and dive into the intrigue surrounding the continuation of this gripping crime thriller series.

by Aishwarya

Updated May 14, 2024


Will There be a Scrublands Season 2? Where to Watch Scrublands?

Will there be a Scrublands Season 2?

Yes, the Scrublands series created by Timothy Lee is getting a second season, which has been confirmed by its makers. This new season will continue the story from Season 1 and will be based on Chris Hammer's second Scrublands book, Silver. Season 2 will start being made later in 2024, and it will be filmed in Western Australia. There's no confirmed date for when the new season will be out yet. But judging by how it's being made, it's likely to be released in 2025.

Scrublands TV Series

Scrublands is a TV series that aired from 2023 to 2025, falling into the genres of crime and thriller. It stars Luke Arnold, Bella Heathcote, and Jay Ryan. The story follows investigative journalist Martin Scarsden as he tries to uncover the truth behind the murder of five parishioners by a young priest who was once charismatic and devoted. The series was directed by Greg McLean and written by Chris Hammer, Timothy Lee, Kelsey Munro, Felicity Packard, and Jock Serong, based on the novel by Chris Hammer.

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Scrublands Plot

In Scrublands, Martin Scarsden, played by Luke Arnold, is a journalist sent to a faraway town. There, he investigates a case where a young priest named Byron Swift, played by Jay Ryan, shot five members of his church a year ago. Martin's job is to write about the sad event that happened a year ago. But he feels like there's more to the story. He decides to dig deeper, but it puts him in danger as he uncovers the truth.

The people in the town are still hurt by what happened and they don't like journalists. The bookstore owner Mandy Bond, played by Bella Heathcote, Constable Robbie Haus-Jones, played by Zwar, and Fran Landers, whose spouse was killed in the attack, played by Victoria Thaine, all avoid him.

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Scrublands Cast



Luke Arnold Martin Scarsden
Jay Ryan Byron Swift
Bella Heathcote Mandy Bond
Adam Zwar Robbie Haus-Jones
Victoria Thaine Fran Landers
Stacy Clausen Allen Newkirk
Robert Taylor Harley Reagan
Zane Ciarma Jamie Landers
Martin Copping Craig Landers
Genevieve Morris Flick (Mandy Bond's mother)
Ben De Pagter Hugh Grovesnor
Ella Ferris Shaz McIntyre

Where to Watch Scrublands?

You can watch Scrublands Season 1 on Prime Video.

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