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Days of Our Lives Spoilers, DOOL Spoilers This Week

Get ready for the latest drama on Days of Our Lives! Catch up on the latest DOOL spoilers and plot twists for this week, featuring romance, scandals, and surprises in Salem.

by S Bargavi

Updated May 14, 2024


Days of Our Lives Spoilers, DOOL Spoilers This Week

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

This week on Days of Our Lives, there will be a lot of romance and love. EJ DiMera has a big decision to make. He found out that Jude Brady is the son of Nicole and Eric, and now he has to choose between telling Nicole the truth or keeping it a secret. This could affect his marriage. At the same time, there will be a mystery solved.

Two books have clues that connect two murders and could help solve one of the cases. And three famous women—Brittany Mahomes, Olivia Dunne, and Paige Spiranac—will be in a special edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. They will show off their swimwear in the photoshoot.

First Love and The Proposal

Tate and Holly are finally talking about their feelings for each other. They are in a hallway at school, and it's a little awkward. But Tate says, "I have feelings for you that I never had for anyone else." This is a big step for them.

Across town, Xander is home with Sarah and they have a little baby girl named Victoria. Xander wants to ask Sarah to marry him, and he asks her with a special bib that says, "Will you marry, Daddy?" Sarah is very happy and says yes!

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Black Book and The Notebook

Kristen tells Stefan some big news. She says that they found Li's blood, and that's whose blood was on Gil's black book. This is important because Gabi is in jail for killing Li, and Stefan wants to clear her name.

Nicole finds a special book and gives it to Chad. She says she found it, and Chad opens it up and sees that it's Abigail's handwriting. Abigail is Chad's wife, who died. This book is very important to him.

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Connected Murders

Two books have some important clues about some murders in Salem. Rafe and Ava are talking about the books and they think that two murders are connected. This is good news for Stefan, because it means he might be able to prove that the woman he loves is innocent.

Rafe and Ava are getting closer to finding out who really killed Li Shin. Ava thinks she knows who did it, but she doesn't tell us yet. Stefan is happy that he might be able to clear his girlfriend's name, and he gives a file to EJ.

Could EJ's Difficult Decision Put His Marriage at Risk?

Sloan is worried that EJ will tell Nicole the truth about Jude's parentage. EJ doesn't want to hurt his marriage, so he agrees to keep the secret. But this might cause trouble later because Nicole might go back to Eric if she finds out the truth. EJ and Sloan make a deal to keep the secret safe.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Eric meet someone named Leo, who might know a secret but can't remember because he was drinking too much. Kristen is trying to figure out who killed two people, Li Shin and Gil Carter. She thinks it's connected to someone named Clyde.

Discover The Mystery Behind Li’s Demise

Stefan wants to help Gabi. He wants her to be free from prison. But Kristen has a different plan. She wants to use the investigation to hurt EJ and Stefan. Rafe and Jada are worried about getting involved with the DiMera family's problems. Meanwhile, other people are dealing with their own issues.

Marlena is trying to understand Brady's feelings for Kristen. Theresa is trying to win Alex back by moving in with him. But Alex is still thinking about Kristen. And Tate is confused because Holly is not talking to him. He thinks it might be because he asked Sophia to prom.

Days of Our Lives Wiki

Days of Our Lives is a TV show that has been on the air for a long time. It is one of the longest-running TV shows in the world. The show is about two families, the Bradys and the Hortons, and their friends and neighbors. The show has been on TV for many years and has been popular around the world.

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