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Is Hulu Down? How to Fix Hulu Login Not Working?

Brief, clear troubleshooting guide for Hulu login issues, emphasizing basic fixes and contacting support if problems persist.

by Madhumitha

Updated Jul 09, 2024


Is Hulu Down? How to Fix Hulu Login Not Working?

Is Hulu Down?

Hulu experienced a widespread outage late Monday night, affecting up to 50,000 users as reported on Down Detector. The cause of the outage remains unclear, but Hulu Support acknowledged the issue around 11:15 PM ET. They assured users that developers had made changes to mitigate the problem and advised affected customers to reboot their devices to resume streaming.

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Reports on social media indicated that some users couldn't log in or access any content on Hulu's website or apps. The outage didn't seem to be linked to whether users had linked their Hulu and Disney Plus accounts, and it's uncertain if specific regions were more affected than others. While not everyone was affected, those encountering issues were encouraged to restart their devices and report any further problems.

Why is Hulu Login Not Working?

If your Hulu login isn't working, it could be due to several reasons. It might be a problem with your internet connection, so check that first. Sometimes, restarting your device can fix login issues by refreshing the connection. Another possibility is that your Hulu app needs an update. Outdated apps can cause problems, so make sure yours is up to date.

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If you're using a web browser, clearing your cache and cookies might help. Also, double-check your username and password to ensure they're correct. If none of these solutions work, there might be a temporary issue with Hulu itself. In that case, waiting a bit and trying again later could resolve the problem.

How to Fix Hulu Login Not Working?

If you are having trouble logging into Hulu, you can try a few things to fix it:

Check Internet Connection:

Make sure your internet is working properly.

Restart Device:

Try restarting the device you are using to watch Hulu, like your computer, tablet, or smart TV.

Update Hulu App:

If using a mobile device or smart TV, check if there is an update available for the Hulu app. Updating might resolve the issue.

Clear Cache and Cookies:

If you are using a web browser, clear your browser's cache and cookies. This can sometimes help with login problems.

Reset Password:

If you are still having trouble, try resetting your Hulu password. Follow the instructions on Hulu's website to reset it.

Contact Hulu Support:

If none of these steps work, reach out to Hulu's customer support for more help. They can assist you further with troubleshooting your login issue.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix most login problems with Hulu.


Hulu is a streaming service owned by Disney. It started in 2007 and was a joint project between News Corporation, NBCUniversal, and later Disney. It began by showing recent TV episodes. In 2010, Hulu Plus started offering full seasons and new episodes.

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In 2017, Hulu added live TV channels. In 2011, it launched in Japan but later sold to Nippon TV. Recently, Hulu launched a beta version on Disney+ in the U.S. and fully launched in 2024. It's similar to Disney's Star hub outside the U.S., which replaced Hulu in some places.

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