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Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Cast and Couples Revealed

Discover the diverse cast of Love is Blind Brazil Season 4, featuring hopefuls like André Romano, Gabriel Kaled, and Vanessa Kurashiki, as they navigate relationships and drama in their quest for love, airing in parts on Netflix from June 19.

by Vignesh

Updated Jun 20, 2024


Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Cast and Couples Revealed

Love is Blind Brazil

Love is Blind Brazil is a TV show in Brazil that is based on the American show of the same name. It's a reality show. The show first appeared on Netflix on October 6, 2021, with famous hosts Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo from Brazil. Just like the American show, this program brings together both men and women who are interested in finding a partner without meeting them beforehand.

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Netflix chose to keep the show going by giving it a second season on November 23, 2021. Season 2 was shown on December 28, 2022. Season 3 of Love is Blind: Brazil was secretly filmed right after Season 2. The release date was June 7, 2023. The show has been so successful that Netflix decided to make a fourth season, which was announced on November 22, 2023. A special show named "After the Altar," with actors from the first three seasons, was shown on December 20, 2023, reuniting past contestants.

Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Cast and Couples

Here is a list of the main cast of Love is Blind: Brazil Season 4 and the couples:

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André Romano, 30

  • André is a 30-year-old single dad to his four-year-old daughter. He hopes to find true love in Season 4 after a tough first marriage. He connects with Marcia Ishimoto, but they face some challenges.

Gabriel Kaled, 31

  • Gabriel, 31, is an economist who has always dreamed of getting married and having a family. He is confident and believes that you don’t have to be skinny to find love.

Patrick Ribeiro, 32

  • Patrick, 32, is ready to find love again after a breakup. He believes in never giving up on love and wants a serious relationship, not just one-night stands.

Leandro Marçal, 32

  • Leandro, 32, is a personal trainer who has been divorced for a few months. He wants to form deep connections with Black women and is ready to move on from his past.

Vanessa Kurashiki, 33

  • Vanessa, 33, is a lawyer who is strong and independent. She gets involved in a love triangle with Leonardo and Rodrigo and hopes to find something special.

Ingrid Santa Rita, 33

  • Ingrid, 33, is determined to find true love. She had a toxic relationship before and is ready to take a chance, even if she’s worried about more heartbreak.

Renata Giaffredo, 33

  • Renata, 33, is a lawyer who won’t back down from any challenge. She competes with Marilia for Patrick’s attention and is strong-willed.

Ariela Carasso, 34

  • Ariela, 34, is an events director who stays calm under pressure. She believes there’s still someone out there who will love her despite her past relationship problems. She ends up with Evandro.

Alexandre Thomaz, 34

  • Alexandre, 34, runs an events production company. He quickly clicks with Ariela because they both work in events. They share a lot in common.

Leonardo Plácido, 34

  • Leonardo, 34, is a lawyer who wants to be happily married. He is confident and hopes to find the right woman to be his wife.

Marcia Ishimoto, 34

  • Marcia, 34, is an event promoter with vitiligo, a condition that makes her skin lose color in patches. She loves her uniqueness and hopes her future husband will accept her just as she is.

Evandro Pinto, 35

  • Evandro, 35, is a former security guard now working as an internet salesman. He says his daughters taught him what love really means: being close to someone, missing them, and feeling their care.

Rodrigo Knoeller, 40

  • Rodrigo, 40, is a marketing manager who wants to make real connections with people and keep them for the long run.

Marilia Pinheiro, 37

  • Marilia, 37, is a strong, independent career woman who wants a husband who won’t cheat on her. She hopes the third time is the charm.

Gutto Lima, 38

  • Gutto, 38, is a professor who loves giving advice and helping his friends. He encourages André to not let fear from his past ruin new chances for love.

Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Release Date

Love is Blind Brazil's fourth season will begin on June 19th. It is uncertain whether Netflix will release the episodes individually or all at the same time. One of the hosts, Klebber Toldeo, says the season will be divided in two, and the first part will start on June 19. The show Love is Blind is exclusive to Netflix for viewing. The Brazilian version's fourth season will also be exclusive to Netflix. In the US, a simple Netflix subscription costs $6.99 per month. They also have packages and long-term plans that could help you save money in the end.

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How Many Episodes of Love is Blind Brazil Season 4?

Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 is predicted to have 11 episodes, following the pattern of the past seasons. The show usually has 11 episodes in each season. This includes the main episodes where the contestants get to know each other in the pods and a reunion episode where they talk about their experiences and relationships.

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This format lets audiences watch as the contestants deal with the challenges and emotions of finding love without being able to see each other. The variety of people on the show, including those of different ages, races, and body shapes, makes it more interesting and relatable. Klebber Toldeo and Camila Queiroz will be the hosts of Love is Blind Brazil Season 4, and it will continue to capture the audience's attention with its special way of dating reality TV, featuring real connections and emotional moments between the participants.

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