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Letter after sigma Thomas Joseph Crossword Answer for Today May 14, 2024

Discover the answer for Today’s Thomas Joseph Crossword Clue “ Letter after sigma” by following the clues and hints given in the article.

by Thamizhalagi

Updated May 14, 2024


Letter after sigma Thomas Joseph Crossword Answer for Today May 14, 2024

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  • It's a single letter.
  • It comes after "sigma" in the Greek alphabet.
  • It's often used to represent a sum in mathematics.
  • In physics, it's used to denote surface charge density.
  • It's the symbol for electrical conductivity.
  • Its lowercase form resembles a snake.
  • It follows rho in the Greek alphabet.
  • Its name originates from the Phoenician letter "shin."


The answer is TAU.

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Answer Explanation

"Letter after sigma" - In the Greek alphabet, sigma is the 18th letter. Following sigma, the next letter is tau. Tau is the 19th letter in the Greek alphabet. It's often represented as 'Τ' in uppercase and 'τ' in lowercase. In various contexts, tau symbolizes different concepts, including time constant in physics, torque in mechanics, and temperature in thermodynamics.

"TAU" - Tau is the answer to the crossword question "Letter after sigma." In Greek, tau is pronounced as "taf" or "tau." This letter carries significance in mathematics, physics, and engineering. It is used to represent various mathematical concepts, including the golden ratio in geometry and the tau function in number theory. In physics, tau is used in equations related to torque, time constant, and temperature. Moreover, in the Greek numeral system, tau has a value of 300.

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