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Who is the Banker on Deal or No Deal Island? - Everything about Deal or No Deal Island

Howie Mandel is known for hosting "Deal or No Deal," and serves as the Banker on "Deal or No Deal Island." In the finale, the Banker offered Jordan more and more money. She accepted $1,230,000, which was higher than the $13,857,000 value of her case.

by Priyanka

Updated May 14, 2024


Who is the Banker on Deal or No Deal Island?  - Everything about Deal or No Deal Island

Who is the Banker on Deal or No Deal Island?

The Banker on "Deal or No Deal Island" is Howie Mandel. He is known for hosting the original "Deal or No Deal" and is also an executive producer. Howie Mandel plays the Banker role, talking to contestants through host Joe Manganiello.

In the finale, when Jordan competed against the Banker for $13,857,000, they revealed that Howie Mandel was the Banker. This surprise thrilled fans who knew him from the original "Deal or No Deal" show.

Howie Mandel who is acting as the Banker has offered Jordan different amounts of money during the final game. He started with $203,000 and increased the offers as the game went on. Jordan won by accepting $1,230,000, which was more than what her case had inside.

Howie Mandel Bio

Howie Mandel is a Canadian entertainer. He does comedy, acts on TV, and makes shows. He was born on November 29, 1955. You might know him as the voice of Gizmo in "Gremlins" movies. He also played Dr. Wayne Fiscus on "St. Elsewhere." He made a fun cartoon called "Bobby's World" that kids loved.

Howie Mandel has been a judge on famous talent shows like "America's Got Talent" since 2010. He is also on "Canada's Got Talent" since 2022. He is known for his comedy and started performing at places like Yuk Yuk's in Toronto. Later, he became well-known in Los Angeles for his funny acts on comedy shows and TV. Howie Mandel is a funny and talented entertainer who's been part of many popular TV shows.

Full Name

Howard Michael Mandel


November 29, 1955


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Stand-up, television, film, books

Years Active



Observational comedy, improvisational comedy


Everyday life, self-deprecation


Terry Soil (married since 1980)



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Deal or No Deal Island

"Deal or No Deal Island" is a new game show on NBC since February 2024. It's like a mix of "Deal or No Deal" and "Survivor," set on a private island in Panama.

In the game, contestants go on excursions to find hidden briefcases across the island. The values of these briefcases determine the stakes for the Banker's Challenge, which is similar to the game in "Deal or No Deal." The contestant with the highest-valued briefcase from an excursion is safe and gets to choose another contestant to face the Banker. If they can beat the Banker's offer, they stay in the game; otherwise, they're eliminated.

The show adds up money from deals and wins. The final player plays Deal or No Deal with the Banker to win big. It's coming back for another season and has players from "Deal or No Deal" and "Survivor."

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Joe Manganiello is the host of "Deal or No Deal Island." He helps the players and makes the show exciting. Manganiello is famous for acting in movies and on TV. His lively attitude makes the game enjoyable for everyone who are watching.

Joe Manganiello explains the rules, introduces challenges, and interacts with the contestants and the Banker. Joe Manganiello makes the show more exciting and keeps everyone interested.

Joe Manganiello is great at hosting "Deal or No Deal Island" because of his entertainment experience. He knows how to keep things fun and enjoyable for everyone. His hosting skills make the show successful and appealing to viewers.

Where is Deal or No Deal Island Filmed?

"Deal or No Deal Island" is filmed on a secret private island in Panama. They keep the name and location secret for safety and privacy. Filming there makes the show more special and exciting, with a beautiful backdrop that makes the challenges even more fun to watch.

Filming on a private island in Panama is great because it gives control over the environment, keeps things private for contestants and crew, and allows for cool setups for challenges. Panama has beautiful landscapes and good weather, which makes filming easier and may cost less.

Filming on this secret island makes "Deal or No Deal Island" more fun for everyone and helps the show be successful.


Full Name


Jordan Fowler


Rob Mariano


Amy McCoy


Stephanie Mitchell


Aron Barbell


Nick Grasso


Dawson Addis


Alyssa Klinzing


Miranda Harrison


Kim Mattina


Claudia Jordan


Jamil Sipes


Brantzen Wong


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